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According to the APA's website, licensing requirements vary, but all include the following: attaining a doctorate in pscychology--or closely related field--from a regionally accredited school 2 years of supervised professional experience sitting for an exam

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Q: What are the requirements for licensing as a psychologist?
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What is legal requirements?

Legal requirements vary from licensing to licensing. They are the requirements that are put in place to perform and act or service legally.

What are the licensing requirements for Denver massage therapists?

The licensing requirements for Denver massage therapists are overseen by the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). One can view the specific requirements at the online site "Massage-exam".

What are some educational requirements to become a psychologist?

The educational requirements to become a psychologist are either a master's degree or doctorate degree. However if one wanted to become a school psychologist one only needs to complete a specialist degree in school psychology.

Which of your responsibilities as a caregiver depends largely on where you live?

meetling licensing reqirements

What are the requirements to become a clinical psychologist?

There are many requirements to become a clinical psychologist. Normally you need to do a bachelors degree in psychology, or a masters conversion course. You also have to do a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.

What are the requirements to become a NYC school psychologist?

New York City has the same requirements as any other state for public schools. To be a psychologist, it requires at least a degree in psychology from an accredited university.

What are common requirements for licensing of a day care center?

Licensing requirements do vary from State to State. Criminal background checks will be required, as well as inspections to verify that a safe environment has been provided.

What type of educational requirements do school psychologist need?

The minimum educational requirement for a school psychologist is a master's degree in school psychology.

What are swap meet vendor licensing requirements in Arizona?

There are a number of swap meet vendor licensing requirements in Arizona. For instance one must renew the license for the space by the last Sunday of every month.Ê

What are the licensing requirements for a massage therapist in CA?

The licensing requirements for a massage therapist in CA include: 500 supervised hours and passing the NCETMB exam. More information can be found at

What are the Licensing requirements in Michigan for insurance agents?

Other than the basic requirements like fulfilling the licensing application and educational requirements, aspiring insurance agents are also required to take 20-40 hours of Insurance Pre-licensing Classes Online or in a local school. I do suggest that you should take an online licensing course instead of enrolling in a local school or classroom to prevent hassle. You just need an internet connection and a computer to take the pre-licensing course while in the convenience of your home or office.

What are the educational requirements to be a psychologist?

You usually need to have a DOCTORATE DEGREE and a LICENSE...but it always depends on what kind of psychologist you are talking about. That's just the average psychologist...I forgot my references but this is true!!!I'm doing a report on this subject and my premed teacher wanted to know there you have it...the specifics on what the educational requirements are to be a psychologist!!!! Peace.Love.Jonas. -Bella

What are the training requirements to become a psychologist?

In order to become a psychologist you must major and graduate with a degree in psychology. Depending on the type of psychologist you wish to be your schooling may or may not be longer than eight years.

Is there an age requirement for a psychologist?

No there are no age requirements.No there are no age requirements.No there are no age requirements.No there are no age requirements.No there are no age requirements.No there are no age requirements.

How much is tattoo license?

It varies depending on the state or country. The licensing fees required varies considerably. There are state without any licensing requirements.

Do teachers have an age requirement?

Not really. More importantly, there are education and licensing requirements.

What are the licensing requirements for becoming a secondhand dealer?

To Become a Second Hand Dealer, There Are a Few Requirements Needed for Licensing. First, an Application Must Be Submitted. Also Needed Are the Business Tax-Id and a Properly Signed Compliance Bond.

Do you need a college degree to get a job at an insurance company?

A college degree is preferred but not mandatory to work for an insurance company. There are, however, licensing requirements which vary depending on where you live. You should look into your state's requirements for further licensing information.

What are the education requirements to be a school psychologist?

To be school psychologist you should be graduate of high school and finish the course Bachelor of Science in Psychology in order to advance to Masters.

What type of degree is needed to start homeless shelter?

There are no degree requirements. You would be more concerned with funding and meeting the licensing requirements.

Do I need an associate or higher degree to become an accredited Psychologist?

Each state has specific requirements for the licensing of psychologists. Generally, you would be expected to have completed a PhD in order to work in a clinical setting. First you would earn a BA, then an MA and then do research and write your dissertation to earn the PhD.

Who must ride with you with your student instruction permit?

Check with the agency that does driver licensing in your state. There are age requirements and license requirements for the individual that goes with you when you drive.

What license does an electronic technician need?

There are NO licensing requirements for technicians, only electricians. Some employers prefer certified technicians, but there are no legal requirements for certification.

what is required to get a daycare licehses for benton, ar?

As a general rule the State oversees licensing . The requirements vary as to whether you are going to run a daycare in your home or at a separate location. Information on licensing can be found at

Do you need both parents consent to get married if they are divorced?

It will depend on the licensing requirements for your location. Contact your local licensing office, normally in the county courthouse. They will tell you what you need to have and how to prove it.