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All drama schools will have different entry requirements, so you should check the website of the ones you are interested in for more information. Most of them will want experience and a basic knowledge of theatre.

In the UK, a lot of the schools don't require any formal qualifications. However, it is important to check as some of them do!

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Getting into drama school is a challenging process, the number of people applying is very high and the spaces are limited. To get into a drama school you have to work hard and be prepared to face criticism and rejection.

The first step is to do a lot of research. Drama schools are very different from universities and although two schools may offer the same course - they are likely to approach it in different ways. When researching you should make a list of the schools and courses that interest you. After that take your time looking into each of the schools and courses on your list. Go on forums and try talking to current students, ask them questions about the course, what it's like at the school etc. Try to go along to open days to get a feel for the school. After that, you should have a good idea of what sort of places you want to apply to. It's a good idea to apply to a few schools so you have plenty of back up plans - but remember each one will charge you audition/interview fees so keep that in mind.


For actors, the process of getting into drama school can be tough. Your research should have prepared you for what to expect and you'll be given guidelines on what you need to do for the auditions. The key is to practice your monologues, the more time you spend on them the less you have to worry about on the day. It is okay to be nervous, they'll expect it, but they'll also want you to prove that you have talent and can work through your nerves to put on a performance.


Technical students have an interview giving you one chance to convince the panel that they should take you. Again, they'll expect some nerves but most of them are very friendly and will make you feel at ease. Most places will ask you to bring along past examples of work you've done - usually as a portfolio. Make sure it's your best work and that you've double and tripled checked it for any obvious mistakes as the panel will probably spot them right away. If you're taking along a model box, prop or any type of design - be prepared to answer any questions they might have on it. You should know your designs inside and out. You should also make sure you have a basic knowledge as you never know what you'll be asked and you don't want to be caught out.


  • Be confident, but not overly. Nobody expects you to know everything - if you did what would be the point in going to school? What they do expect, is for you to have some knowledge of what you're getting yourself into. Working in theatre is not a career, your entire life revolves around it. You have to show that you have passion and are ready to improve your skills.
  • Prepare. Unlike universities, drama schools don't always care about exam results. It's not about what you put on paper - it's about who you present to them on the day(s) of your auditions/interview.
  • If you don't know the answer to a question, don't panic. Turn it into a positive and use it to show that you don't know everything yet but you want them to teach you.
  • Don't let rejection put you off. Everybody in the entertainment industry will face rejection at some point. Use it as a learning experience - next year you'll know exactly what to expect! You might have to apply several times before you get accepted. Each time, listen to their feedback and improve upon it. Spend the year working on learning a new skill and gaining more experience. Drama schools see huge number of applicants and sometimes rejection doesn't mean you weren't good enough - it just means there were lots of others like you.
  • Try to learn a unique skill so that you stand out from the crowd. It could be vital in securing you a place over the ten others similar to you.


  • Drama schools don't take school leavers - Due to the nature of the work, age and maturity are big factors in deciding to let a pupil in. They need to be sure that their students can focus, work hard and commit. So while they can be rather picky about younger students it isn't impossible and you shouldn't let it put you off applying. If you can show the panel that you're mature and ready for such an intense experience then it won't matter.
  • Drama schools only take white, middle-class students - No, they don't. In fact, a lot of schools have funding in place specifically to help students from poorer backgrounds afford the costs.
  • You have to be amazing to get into drama school - Again, you don't. Of course, you have to be talented and have some acting skills already but don't be put off applying because you don't think you're good enough. You'll never know until you try!
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Most drama schools want their students to have experience yes. However, that experience doesn't need to come from working professionally for years. A lot of them will take on people who have only acted in schools and amateur theatre groups - so long as you're talented and have a passion.

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Q: What are the requirements to enter a drama school?
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