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What are the requirements to get in the Marines?

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You should be able to run 5 miles in under 40 minutes in 90 degree weather with all ur battle gear on, able to do over 100 push ups in a row over 100 crunchs, and over 100 grass drills or hit-its, that's just boot camp, you should never give up, they will look for leadership and people that will push no matter the scenario. There is no true way to be prepared if you can do those things I named at the top you should be able to get passed the first week, though you will be doing everything with few hours of sleep every few days, and not much food or water, you have to be the best out of the best extreme marksmanship and ability to accuratily take down targets with in seconds of seeing them and working together and being brave is what gets you there. Into the Marines going over sea's, but there is so much more that needs to be done, give it a try it will straighten you out.

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What are the requirements to be in the marines marching band?

Membership in the Marines marching band has the same requirements as standard enlistment, as well as experience on an applicable instrument.

Can you join the Marines if you have diabetes?

No, you do not meet the minimum health and physical requirements.

Can you join the marines when you got your high school deploma on the internet?

yes you can join the marines with a diploma you got off the interenet as lomg as you have a highschool diploma the marines will take you in, as long as u meet the requirements.

Are there any differences in the uniform of Marines between active or reservist?

No, the uniform requirements are the same.

What are the age requirements for the Marine Corp?

Active Marines - 28 Marine Corps Reserve - 29

What are your test score requirements to join the marines?

You have to take the asvab test first and the score is 31 or over.

What are the educational requirements to join the Marines?

You must either have a high school diploma or a GED and 15 college credits.

What are the requirements to join the merchant marines?

The requirements to join the Merchant Marines in the United States vary based on the type of job a person wants to do. At the very minimum, a person must complete a maritime training course and be of legal age.

Can you become a doctor while being in the marines but not being a medic just a normal recon marine?

Becoming a doctor has nothing to do with being a Marine. You become a doctor by obtaining the proper education, passing the required testing, and completing the resident and intern requirements. This can be done while enlisted in the Marines, but with service and deployment requirements, it might be extremely difficult.

What age do you have to be to join the royal marines?

Royal Marines is from the ages 15 and 9 months to apply and then 16 to begin training up to the age of 33. You must also meet height and weight requirements which is something like 5'4 and 65kg.

Why is the marines called the marines?

The Marines are called marines because they are the water warriors and marine means of the water.

Can you learn mixed martial arts in the marines?

The United States Marine Corps teaches Military Combat Arts. They have a belt system and full requirements.

Who is stronger marines or army?


What do the Marines do?

Marines are the first to fight.

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Which is better the Army or the Marines-?


What are the requirements to join the USMC?

To join the Marines, you must have graduated from high school, be physically and mentally fit, be under the age of 43, and complete boot camp.

What are the medical requirements to join the marines?

You need to be in great physical health. You must be able to perform strenuous physical activity. You must also be able to see, hear, and speak. For exact requirements, you'll want to speak to a recruiter.

How many math credits do you have to have to join the marines?

There is no requirement in math credits. However you must have at least graduated high school, meet physical requirements, meet height - weight requirements. Also limited to no trouble with little to no drug history.

What happened after 240 US Marines were killed in Lebanon?

US Marines were withdrawn from Lebanon.The marines were withdrawn from Lebanon A+ answerThe Marines were withdrawn from Lebanon

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What are the pay rates for marines?

Ask the marines!!!!!

What is harder to get into marines or air force?


When was We Are the Marines created?

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