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HR Recruiters are Gate keepers to the companies or organizations they will follow set of rules and regulations to watch each job seeker to get in to Organization or Company with accurate skills and qualifications which deserved company work requirement and satisfy employee hiring legitimization according to the company protocols and philosophy.

Hiring employees to the organizations or Companies to follow necessary steps to be legitimated according to Industrial and Company Law.

1. Physical check of the each of the candidate profile, qualifications, skills and experience.

2. Screening candidates according to the company requirement.

3. Explain about the job roles and responsibilities.

4. Explain about the company philosophy and values they follow.

5. Explain about the place of work and salary package which applies to the role.

6. Explain about the training and probationary period and protocols.

7. Dress code.

8. Explain about employee benefits and facilities according to the role and place.

9. Notice period.

10. Company confidential information and follow the rules to protect according to company guidelines under government law procedures.

These are the points need to follow an IT recruiter. Strategic Search Corporation is one of the best IT recruiter, providing recruiting across the Globe.

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Q: What are the responsibilities of an IT recruiter?
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