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To attempt to fix a computer and not break it.

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Q: What are the responsibilities of computer technician?
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What is the duties and responsibilities of a computer technician in workplace?

i dont now

Interview questions for a library technician position?

duties and responsibilities of library technician

What are advantages of a computer technician?

The advantages of a computer technician is that when your computer needs to be fixed you will know what to do and you save a lot of money.

What does a computer technician say when they have to practice professional mannerisms and speech?

Well computer technician is a guarantee job..

What qualifications does a computer technician need to have?

A computer technician needs to have a certificate or degree in computer science or computer engineering. Some computer technicians, however, are self-taught.

What are five occupations that didn't exist in the 1950's?

Computer programmer, computer technician, cell phone salesperson, laser technician, avionics technician.

Where can I hire a computer technician?

This website ( has some great information on choosing a computer technician. You should also ask for recommendations from your family or friends.

What is a computer technician?

a computer technician is a person who maintains and fixes computersA computer technician is someone who can fix problems with computers.This can be internal problems (internet connections) or external problems (wires with printers).

How do you put technician in a sentence?

I called the technician to fix my computer it had a virus.

What type of job responsibilities are involved in having a radiology technician job?

The types of responsibilities involved in having a radiology technician job include running equipment, checking equipment, and analyzing data results.

How do you get a computer technician license?

As far as I 'm aware, there is no such thing as a "Computer Technician License". However, you can get certification as a technician. It's called A+ Certification. Just Google it...

What are duties and responsibilities of engineeers?

responsibilities and duties of computer engineer

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