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What are the rights guarenteed by the Bill of Rights?


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February 24, 2011 7:14PM

1st Amendment:

Freedom of religion, speech, and press. You have the right to assemble and protest.

2nd Amendment:

Right to bare arms and cannons.

3rd Amendment:

During peacetime, prohibition of quartering soldiers without the homeowners consent.

4th Amendment:

No one has the right to search and seize, unless there is a warrant to arrest.

5th Amendment:

No double jeopardy (in the case of law), and you have the right to plead the fifth.

6th Amendment:

Right to be processed in a speedy manner.

7th Amendment:

Right to a trial by jury, in certain civil cases.

8th Amendment:

No cruel or unusual punishment.

9th Amendment:

The citizens get more than the rights listed in the Bill of Rights

10th Amendment*:

States can make other laws, which do not conflict with the constitution, or the countries laws.

*The tenth amendment is strictly for rights of the states, and has does not have much to do with the citizens.