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What are the rights of a minor who is in the custody of the state?



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It depends on which state you have become an award of. As a former ward of the state of Nevada I had all of the same rights as any other child. If I had a grevance, there was a process I could go through as well. It may be more benifical if you were to supply more information on your state and circumstances, I may be able to help you further. Age also plays a part, some states offer imancipation and if you can manage that, imancipation is making you a legal adult, responsible for yourself and able to get married. The minor has the same restrictions as does any minor in any state. The terms of the state custodial order determines whether or not the minor is directly under the control of the court, has an appointed guardian, or is under the supervision of the state's child protective or family services division. Minors who are under a direct order of the court need the courts approval for all major issues, such as changing residence, school, employment, medical, etc. and are usually appointed a Guardian Ad Litem.