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The father has created an extremely complicated legal situation. He has no rights unless he obtains them through a court order. The husband of a married woman is presumed by law to be the father of any children born during the marriage. If the mother is willing he can execute an affidavit of parentage and then initiate a custody case to obtain joint custody. He should consult with an attorney who can review his situation and explain all his rights and obligations under the laws in his jurisdictions.

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Q: What are the rights of the father of a married womans unborn child when the father is not her husband?
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If you do not know if you are the father of an unborn child can you sign over guardianship to the maternal grandmother of the unborn child?

The answer depends totally on whether or not you were married to the child's mother. Any child born to a married couple is considered to be the legal child of the husband until proven otherwise. HOWEVER, if you were NOT married to the child's mother, then you have no legal rights, even if you are the father. An unwed mother who has a child is considered the sole legal parent of that child in most states. Even if you were proven to be the father - you have no legal rights without going to court , if you were not married.

What rights does the father have to your unborn child in Minnesota?

In the United States the father has no rights until the child is born.

The council is stopping the father of your unborn child live with you?

get married

Laws in Kentucky for rights of a father of an unborn child?

In the United States, fathers have no rights regarding unborn children. In Kentucky, a father won't have rights to a child unless he's on the birth certificate or until he establishes paternity in court.

What rights does a father have to an unborn child in Europe?

In England and Wales, a foetus is considered to be a part of the womans body, so a father has no rights over it.

If your married but you and your husband are most likely getting a divorce and you have an unborn child can the father sign his rights over and not have to pay child support?

No. He can sign over his rights but he would still be liable to pay child support. The only time he doesn't have to pay child support is if a stepdad wanted to adopt the child, then the biological father doesn't have to pay child support if he signs his rights away.

Im 23wks pregnant im still married but have been separated for 5yrs he is not the fater of your unborn child however the fathet of your unborn child doesnt want the baby and your husband wants to sign?

The law presumes that your husband is the child's father unless/until someone else's paternity is established.

Can a father sign over parental rights to an unborn child in Alabama?

No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.

Does a 22 year old white male have rights to his unborn baby?

No. The father does not legally have any rights until the child is born.

Can you sign over custody of an unborn child to a friend without your husband's consent in Missouri?

No. The child has to be born before released for adoption. The father must consent because he has parental rights that are equal to the mother's.

What can a father do if he doesn't want the unborn child?

tell the person who you are having a baby with and then give up your rights.

How do you sign your rights over to the father of your unborn baby?

In all 50 states, you have to wait for the child to be born before you can forfeit your rights to a child.

Is Jamie Lynn Spears getting married?

She is not. Her brief engagement to the father of her then-unborn child was called off.

If a man is founded as a child abuser and your child is the one he abused but is not the father of the abused child but is of your unborn child does he have rights to the unborn baby?

A court would never award custody or visitation rights to a convicted child abuser.

Signing off of parental rights to unborn child?

The mother aborts, the father can't see links below

Can my husband who is not the father of my unborn child sign the birth certificate?

Yes, but efforts are under way to pass laws to make it illegal.

Can a father give up all rights to an unborn child?

No. There can be no legal custody actions taken until the child is born.

Can your former girlfriend put your unborn baby up for adoption Can the father have a say in this?

Depending on the jurisdiction, the biological father has certain rights. You should hire an attorney.

Can a father of an unborn child out of wedlock stop the mother of the child from moving out of the country before giving birth?

No the father has no paternal rights until the baby is born.

What rights does a father have prior to the birth of his child in New York?

A father has no inherent rights to an unborn child. Those rights are only conferred after the birth of the child and only after legal paternity is established as outlined by state laws in New York.

Can the mother of an unmarried pregnant 17 year old in Colorado demand paternity test on unborn child?

No. As the grandparent you have no rights to the child. But since she is not married to the father he will have to prove paternity with a DNA test if he wants parental rights such as custody, visitation and pay child support.

What rights does a father have to his unborn child in Oregon?

If the parents are married both of them have equal rights to the child after the child is born. Before the birth of the child the father is not always given the same rights as he would have after the birth. For example, if the mother chooses to terminate the pregnancy things can get extremely complicated. If the parents are unmarried, the law presumes the mother to have sole custodial rights to the child before and after birth. The father must first establish paternity and then petition the court for custodial or visitation rights to the child.

Can a father terminate parental rights of an unborn child in Texas can i still file for child support?

Termination of parental rights does not terminate one's child support obligation.

If you live in NC and the father of your unborn child lives in SC would he still have to pay child support if he signs over his rights?


What rights does a father have to his unborn child in Wyoming?

he may enter his room and commit acts of adultery at any time he so choses.