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-ism as the suffix 'process' or 'state of' prepositional of;

Tour first attest in English c.1320, "a turn, a shift on duty," from OldFrench tour, tourn "a turn, trick, round, circuit, circumference," from torner, tourner "to turn," from Latin tornare "to polish, round off, fashion, turn on a lathe" Sense of "a traveling around, journey" is first recorded 1643. The verb is attested from 1746. Tour de force "feat of strength" is 1802, from French from force "strength." Tour de France is recorded from 1922. The Grand Tour, a journey through France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy formerly was the finishing touch in the education of a gentleman.

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Q: What are the roots of word tourism?
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The noun 'tourism' is a common noun, a general word for the business or enjoyment of traveling; a word for any tourism of any kind.The noun 'tourism' is an abstract noun as a word for an industry or the practice of traveling; a word for a concept.

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Tourism is a noun.

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Tourism is derived from Latin through Old French and Old English from Greek 'tornos' meaning to turn. The word became more familiar in English by the mid 17th Century

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Tourism means: Tourist travel, especially when regarded as a source of income for a country, business, etc.