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Currently, Canadians need a passport or an Enhanced Driver's License or an Enhanced Identity Card to enter the US. Do not attempt to enter the US to work or marry without a visa. Otherwise, to simply visit, you do not need a visa. There are also special situations if you are a minor and traveling in a group.


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Q: What are the rules for crossing the border of Canada to America?
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What are the rules for crossing the border of US to CANADA?

When you enter Canada, a border services officer may ask to see your passport and a valid visa (if you are arriving from a country from which one is required). If you are a United States citizen (U.S.), you do not need a passport to enter Canada; however, you should carry proof of your citizenship such as a birth certificate, a certificate of citizenship or naturalization or a Certificate of Indian Status, as well as a photo ID. If you are a permanent resident of the U.S., you must bring your permanent resident card with you.

Can a citizen of the United Kingdom work in America?

I'm sure the rules are quite different depending on where in America the person wants to work. Canada is part of the United Kingdom, for example, and the US is not. Rules in Central and South America will probably be different for each of the several nations involved.

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I live in the United States of America and I want to raise a family without my children taken from me by family services dose the rules apply in the country of Canada as the do in the USA?.

Why does someone need a passport to get into Canada?

The Canadian passport rules have changed since June 2009, psecially if you are travelling from the US, beofre you only needed your passport if you were travelling by plane. If travelling by boat or car then you only needed a picture ID. But now this part of the old rules have changed, if you are crossing the border by land or sea you will now require a passport or a passport card. The measure was due to come in force in 2008 but was applied since 2009. Increased security issues are to blame.

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It's easy to purchase property in Canada. Just don't expect to visit it any time you want. My wife and I purchase a 400M home in Ontario that we liked. We researched the rules and found we would be considered "Seasonal Residents". How we tried to find out what rights we would have. YOU HAVE NONE!!. There is no source to find out how long you are allowed to stay each year. You will get the answer of 6 months on internet answer sites but no where on Canadian Immigration sites. There are well defined custom rules for Seasonal Residents but none for length of stay. We tried to talk to Immigration about this and you can't. You will find this hard to believe but they will not talk to you only refer you to there web site that has no information. The only place you can talk to Immigration is at the border entry. There they can't tell you any place that you can find where the Canadian Gov spelled out these rules. One day crossing the border at the Peace Bridge we were asked to prove we were not living in Canada. After showing them proof of ownership and utility bills from our home in the US we were asked to leave the Country with no answer if we could ever return. We were treated like criminals. You are entirely at the mercy of the agent at the border, if he had a bad day you are screwed. I would advise against buying a home in Canada.

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It depends upon the snack and the country. Usually fruit is a no-go. The best advice is to check the specific rules of the country you're entering into if you want to bring a certain food. Of course, the border guard won't stop you from crossing the border if you have a food that you can't cross with; he or she will just confiscate the food.

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It depends on if you where you are flying. Within a country, the rules about bringing packaged foods are really lax. However, if you are going out of the country, you need to read the rules of the boarder crossing. In general, packaged foods like cookies are okay...but you need to check with the border requirements (which are online for practically any developed country)

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How should one be treated when they got lost or miss a turn coming from Canada going to niagara and lands on the US border SHOULD be treated as aliens who were trying to enter into us illegally and?

If you are that close to the border, you should have your papers in order. They should have allowed you a U-turn at the border, if possible. There is no fudging on the rules, regardless of your explanations: all you can do is to politely follow their requests and do as directed. That said, if you fit a profile, border patrol personnel will follow procedures that may seem excessive to you, but it is allowed.

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