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I only have taken Seasonale for a week or so and have stopped because of the severe nausea I have experienced. It feels like I have had the flu for the entire time I have been on this birth control. I stopped taking it and am still experiencing the symptoms - now to an even greater extent. No one can tell me how long I'll be nauseated.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-15 00:41:52
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Q: What are the side effects of Seasonale when you stop taking it?
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What are some Wellburtin side effects when you stop taking it?

There are numerous side effects that a person can experience when they stop taking Wellbutrin. Some of the side effects are seizures, skin rash, and sleep problems.

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Can you just stop taking Effexor and what are the side effects if you do?

No, must gradually decrease the dosage. Usually the action of the drug is more important than the side effects. Unless there are ongoing difficult side effects, the drug need not be discontinued ifs it is beneficial. Usually when there are side effects when starting the drug, they may be transient and will stop after taking the drug for awhile.

Can you stop taking an antibiotic if it makes you have bad side effects?

See your doctor and ask for his or her advice.

When taking Wellbutrin does the side effects heahaches stop eventually?

Yes. Well for me it did after about 1 week.

What are gabapentin's side effects?

The most common side effects that cause adults to stop taking gabapentin are dizziness, sleepiness, fatigue, shaky movements, difficulty walking, or swelling in the ankles.

What is withdrawl from drugs?

It is the side-effects you get when you stop taking drugs. It can also be used to describe the process of quitting drugs.

What are side effects when stop taking depakote?

Depakote is a drug that should not be suddenly stopped, or seizures which can be fatal may result.

What are the side effects of stopping hormone replacement therapy?

The side effects of stopping hormone replacement therapy depend on what it was. If someone is taking progesterone, and they stop, it could make hair grow or make their voice deeper.

How long does it take to get lisinopril out of system?

hown long do the side effects stay with you when you stop taking lisinopril sorry i have no money to pay for answer

What are the side effects when you stop taking Wellbutrin?

Nausea and vomiting are common. Also possible are anger, anxiety, body aches and fatigue.

What are some possible side effects of the prescription medication Stratera?

Some serious side effects that come from taking the medication Strattera include chest pain, nausea, increased blood pressure, numbness, burning pain, and fast or uneven heartbeats. If you experience any of these side effects stop taking the medication at once and contact your doctor as soon as possible.

What happens if I stop taking levothyroxine for 10 days and then start up again?

why for 10 days? are you having irreg heartbeats, side effects, etc? ask your doc to decrease dosage befor you stop taking altogether- how long have you been taking it?

What side effects can occur for taking ibuprofen to stop your period?

Are you mental? The side effects are written on the information leaflet and are the same whatever you take it for. It will not help with your menstrual or mental health problem though, again I refer you to the leaflet.

Can i stop my period by taking Ibuprofen?

Your period will stop while taking ibuprofen. It is not recommended, it can have serious side effects. I have been taking them because I have some health issues and my period was lasting more than a month at a time.Don't do it without consulting your doctor first!!!!

Will metformin make you gain weight if you stop taking it?

Some very rare side effects when you stop taking Metformin include "Metabolism And Nutrition Disorders", but there is no evidence that Metformin makes you gain weight when you stop taking the drug. PLEASE NOTE: A slower metabolism may lead to obesity.

How long does Lexapro stay in your system after you stop taking it?

First, you shouldn't stop "cold-turkey" to avoid side effects of withdrawal. The general rule-of-thumb would be about a week, BUT the therapeutic effect of the medication will gradually reduce beginning the day you stop taking it.

What are serious side effects of Acetaminophen that require medical attention?

rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing after taking acetaminophen should stop taking the drug and get immediate medical attention. Other rare side effects include yellow skin or eyes, unusual bleeding or bruising, weakness, fatigue

Can you just stop taking lisinopril pills without side effects when you have a tickling constant cough?

lisinopril should be tapered slowly and not discontinued abruptly.

Do you get a period after you stop taking the pill?

No. You get what is known as a withdrawal bleed. This is unnecessary. If you have no adverse side-effects to the Pill you may as well take it every day.

How can a person stop taking zoloft without side effects?

you can if you slowly come off of it. your body gets used to having it and if you just stop then you will get the same side effects as going on the medication. i believe the more you take the worse it is. i would suggest cutting down by 25mg to 50mg every 2 weeks that should cut down on any side effects and give your body time to adjust.

What happens if you suddenly discontinue corticosteroid administration?

Basically, you will crash and burn. These medications are very powerful and, although there are side effects, the alternative to taking them is worse. Talk to your doctor to find out how to stop taking them.

What are the side effects when you stop taking methadone cold turkey?

Withdrawals such as nausea, vomiting, body aches, cold sweats, and diarrhea are most likely to occur.

What happens if your pregnant and you take BC?

Then you are pregnant. Birth control pills will not have major side effects on the fetus, but it is best to stop taking them as soon as you know you are pregnant.

How do you quit taking Prozac?

Mental effects when you stop taking antidepressants or lower the dose too fast.