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take it to the vet it could die

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Q: What are the side effects of a staph infection in a puppy that is 2 weeks old?
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Can a puppy get parvo after parvo shot?

Yes, it is possible. The vaccine against parvovirus is not considered completely effective in a puppy until two weeks after the last shot is given; since the last shot is generally given when the puppy is 16 weeks old, the puppy can usually be considered protected by the time it is 18 weeks old. If your puppy had not completed the vaccine series, it was still susceptible to parvovirus infection.

How many weeks old does a dog have to be to be considered a puppy?

If you can still count the weeks, then it is a puppy. so 1-89, is still a puppy.

Can a puppy leave mother at four weeks?

No you cant buy a puppy at 4 weeks you can only buy them at 10 weeks

how old is puppy?

a puppy age is week old

How many weeks does a puppy has to stay with their mother?

A puppy should never be removed from its mother prior to six weeks, and eight weeks is preferable. The more mother's milk it receives as a puppy from a healthy bitch, the healthier the puppy will be.

Does a puppy at 2 weeks old have a rabies?

A puppy at 2 weeks CAN have rabies but that does not mean that every two week old puppy has rabies

When can your puppy eat dry puppy food?

after 8 weeks

When is the right age for a puppy to be sold?

If it`s a small puppy 8 weeks is the right age, but if it`s a large puppy it can go as early as 6 weeks.

Can you deworn your 5 week old puppy?

I think the puppy has to be at least 6 weeks for it to be dewormed. I got my puppy dewormed at 6 weeks.( R.I.P hunter)

What to feed an 8 weeks old puppy with?

dry puppy food

Is it okay to have a puppy to vacsination?

The puppy should be 6 weeks old.

Why would a puppy be missing from the litter after 2 weeks?

A puppy could be missing from the litter after two weeks if it has died. The mother dog will take the puppy away from the others.

When is the right time to spay a puppy?

You can spay your puppy as early as 7 weeks. Any time between 7 weeks to 16 weeks is a good time.

When is a puppy sexually mature?

You can have your puppy fixed at around 12 weeks, not before.

When can a puppy leave its mother?

6 weeks is a normal time, if the puppy is healthy.

How old do a puppy have to be to give it a bath?

the puppy must be 8 weeks old

Will it be ok to get a puppy at 7 weeks?

yeaa i got my puppy at 6 weeks : ) a puppy is not fully weaned from it's mother until it is 8 weeks old. a repuatable breeder will not separate a pup from it's mother before that time.

How early can you bathe a newborn puppy?

a puppy should have a bath approximately 8 weeks of age with puppyshampoo

Your German Shepherd has 6 puppies 2 weeks old when can you start feeding them puppy food?

most puppies eat puppy food at 8 weeks our younger. You can try feeding them puppy food at four weeks and see if they will eat it.

How much do i feed my husky puppy which is 2 weeks?

300 pounds of food

How old must a puppy be to get his first set of shots?

In general, a puppy should get his first vaccine at 8 weeks of age. The same vaccine will be boostered at 12 weeks and 16 weeks. In addition, at 16 weeks of age your puppy can also be vaccinated against rabies and be spayed/neutered.

How old does the puppy have to be to get the parvo shot?

A puppy has to be 6 weeks old to get a parvo shot and is needed every 3-4 weeks until they are 16 weeks old. After the puppy series they should be given once a year when they turn a year old.

From what age can you use frontline on a puppy?

You can use Frontline on a puppy from 8 weeks of age.

When does your puppy get her rabies shot?

16 weeks

When can a puppy be separated from its mother?

after eight weeks