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most puppies eat puppy food at 8 weeks our younger. You can try feeding them puppy food at four weeks and see if they will eat it.

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Q: Your German Shepherd has 6 puppies 2 weeks old when can you start feeding them puppy food?
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How do you say puppy in German?

German puppy would be translated as der deutsche Welpe...... Unless you meant to ask for the translation of "German Shepherd puppy" which might be Deutsch Schaferhund Welpen.

How does a German shepherd raise its babys?

The German Shepherd keeps young ones close by. Also the puppies stay in one place because once born the puppy is blind. Also if the puppy goes too far the mother will pick up the puppy by biting the extra skin and lifting up thr baby puppy.

My German shepherd puppy he's now 5.5 months old lost his canine Is that can be normal?

Yes, all puppies lose their puppy canines and grow adult ones at about this age.

I am about to buy a German shepherd puppy and the breeder just told me that their were only two puppies born in the litter ... is this a bad sign will the puppies be healthy is this normal?

It is not unusual the female to only have two or even one puppy; especially if it is her first litter.

How many times to feed a German shepherd puppy?

German shepherds eat around 2-3 times a day. They're big dogs and should be fed regularly. When they're puppies you should feed them 2 times a day. Do not overfeed your German shepherd because it can cause weight problems. Always have them on a special diet. I know everything on German shepherds, but I don't own one but I will. Maybe this summer. 2-3 times daily is probably the best solution to feeding your German shepherd.

Will a German shepherd puppy behave better if you get a second one?

Depends, how you train them. If you can't train a first correctly, the other will take the other puppies example.

When do you feed your dog puppy food during her pregnancy?

As soon as you find out your dog is pregnant, you should start feeding her puppy food, because it helps the puppies inside her develop properly and come out healthy. And you should continue to feed her puppy food after she has the puppies, because it gives her millk the vitamins that the puppies need. Keep feeding her the puppy food until she is no longer nursing the puppies.

How do you get a German Shepherd on petz my puppy family?


What make puppies poop?

The Mother licks their bunghole, if you are bottle feeding puppies better get a dental dam.

What color puppy would you get if you crossed a white German shepherd with a brown and black German shepherd?

Infinite variation and combination of colors is possible.

What is the cutie's puppy?

a Yorkie and a pit bull German Shepherd ,Chihuahua

How much is a strey German Shepherd puppy worth?

NOTHING, but love.