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Water leaking at the plug, radiator fluid level going down too fast.

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Q: What are the signs of a bad expansion plug?
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What are the signs of a bad expansion valve?

yes it can because sometimes you need to replace them

How do you tell if glow plug relay in 2003 is bad?

It is important to know the signs of a bad car part.The signs that a glow plug relay would be fast clicking from the solenoid, or no clicking at all.?æ

What is another name for a freeze plug?

Expansion plug, or core plug.

Where do expansion cards plug into?

That is difficult to say without knowing the cards intended use. Some cards plug into expansion slots on motherboards. Some plug into risers. Some expansion cards are actually daughter cards that plug into another card.

What do expansion cards plug into?

The motherboard.

What can you plug into your motherboard to provide additional functionality to your computer?

Expansion cardsExpansion cards

Where is the expansion plug located on a 1987 Chevy Jimmy?

There are multiple expansion plugs in the engine block.

Why theres not a spark at spark plug on ktm 250?

bad plug bad plug cap stator

What are signs of a bad piston?

Excessive smoke from the exhaust, and an engine miss. If you remove a plug wire while the engine is at idle and the noise is gone or almost gone then that would indicate the cylinder that the piston is bad.

What are symbols of bad luck?

signs of bad luck are when sometiing bad happens and it keeps happning for the whole day. those are the signs of bad luck.

What are the signs of bad spark plug and spark plug wires?

Answercarbon is formed in the spark area. improper ingnition also is an indication of a bad spark plug.Lack of power or diminished power and a miss that occurs quickly are signs of a bad plug or wire/electrical problem. The best way to check for bad spark plug wires is very easy. If you are handy with a voltmeter you can check the amount of resistance in the wire. If you are not wait till night time open the hood start the engine and look for sparks around the wires. I had a problem like this that drove me crazy as it would only occur once in a while. Visual inspections showed me nothing. Started it up one night looked under the hood and seen #3 wire was arcing through the boot on the bottom side of the plug.

Why does my Jeep Cherokee misfire?

Bad spark plug?Bad spark plug wire?Bad engine internals? (do a compression test)

Expansion cards plug into electrical connectors on the motherboard called?


Expansion cards plug into electrical connectors on the motherboard called what?


Which expansion slots support Plug and Play devices?

Cnr & pci

What are expansion cards that plug into electrical connectors on the motherboard called?


What expansion slots support plug and play?

Peripheral component interface PCI slot or expansion slot can be used as plug and play if an internal USB card supporting USB version 2.0 is installed in it

Can a bad ignition cause no spark in your lawn tractor?

Yes. If the ignition is malfunctioning, the spark plug will not ignite. A bad ignition module, a bad spark plug or a bad plug wire are the most common causes of that (besides a bad battery, of course).

How to determine if a spark plug is bad in a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?

If the car will not start...the spark-plug is bad.

What could be the problem when the scanner is showing cylinder number six is misfiring on a 1998 3.0 Mitsubishi montero?

Bad spark plug? Bad wire to plug? Bad ignition coil if COP (Coil On Plug) type? Bad valve? Bad piston? Bad injector?

Why is your 2006 Toyota Corolla ce misfiring?

Bad spark plug? Bad plug wire? Bad valve or piston - do a compression test

What cause misfire in 1 cylinder?

Bad spark plug? Bad plug wire? COP (Coil on Plug?) Bad coil? Bad valve? Do a compression test Bad piston? Do a compression test All of the above to include a vacuum leak such as a bad intake manifold gasket.

Cylinder not firing on 1996 Ford Escort?

Bad spark plug? Bad plug wire? Do a compression test

What would cause one Cylinder not to fire on a Honda?

Bad spark plug, bad spark plug wire

What would cause a miss fire on a 1996 ford thunderbird V8?

Bad spark plug?Bad plug wire?Bad valve?Bad piston? If plug or wire not defective do a compression check to determine whether problem is internal