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i have an 89 and it ran like it was on 5 cylinders.replaced 1 of 3 coils and fixed it yours might be diffrent tiigghhtt ssqueeezeee.

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Q: What are the signs of a ignition module going to the badon a 88 z24 28 Chevy cavalier?
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The legend of King Arthur may have been based on a British captain named Arthur, who fought against the invading Saxons at Mt. Badon (Dorsetshire) around 500 AD. The Saxons eventually killed or enslaved the native Britons.

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Supposedly Ireland. Merlin the magician is supposed to have lifted them up with his magical wand and carried them to the boats where Sir Kay and his knights shipped them back to England to build a monument for those who had fallen in the great battle of Badon. Of course this is a myth. The stones probably came from another location, or perhaps they were carved there.

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Actually King Arthur according to History and Archeology did exist. Although some of his feats and triumphs are exaggerated. The real King Arthur was a British King in the area between the 5th and 6th century's and supposedly was the reason that the Saxons were driven back when they invaded in the 6th century. Although little is known about the king there is proof that he was in existence during this time from accounts of the battle of Mount Badon.

What did arther of england die of?

Arthur's historical existence is the 10th-century Annales Cambriae, which also link Arthur with the Battle of Mount Badon. The Annales date this battle to 516--518, and also mention the Battle of Camlann, in which Arthur and Medraut (Mordred) were both killed, dated to 537--539.

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Being English and being British are currently considered the more or less same thing. However, in the fifth century, after the departure of the Romans from Britannia, there is the legend of war between the Britons (Welsh) defenders against the invading English (Anglo Saxons). The legend has the Britons under King Arthur finally defeating the Anglo Saxons and halting the invasion at the battle of Badon Hill in 495 AD.

Is King Arthur of Camelot a real person or myth only?

This is a controversial question, but here is my personal opinion. King Arthur was a king of the Britons, a Celtic people, in the fifth and sixth centuries. In the Easter Annals,a document from the dark ages, he is mentioned twice: 516: Battle of Mt. Badon in which Arthur carried the cross of our lord Jesus Christ on his shoulders for three days and nights and the Britons were victorious 537: Strife of Camlan in which Arthur and Medraut fell. Those aren't the exact wordings but fairly close. Badon was crucial point in Arthur's military career because it stopped the Saxons from coming further west for a few decades. It is assumed that Arthur died in Camlan, but it is not really known. Perhaps he survived and retired from public life. Especially since he lost the battle. This could be where the legend of the once and future king comes from. He left Britain to his sucessor, Constantine of Dumnonia. If you are seeking more information about this topic, I highly recommend reading King Arthur: The truth behind the legend by Rodney Castleden. It goes into far more depth than I have. What I have stated is not all the evidence. There is more, but I don't have the time and will to write it all down right now.

What battles did King Arthur fight in?

If you're talking about the real life King Arthur, the only battle that people can decide conclusively that he fought in was the Battle of Badon Hill, where he defeated the Saxons. The battle at the end of the King Arthur film from 2004 is based on that battle. However, we really don't know that much about Arthur from history, as there isn't much archeology supporting his existence. Most scholars don't even think he was a king, but rather a war leader who brought peace to his area for close to half a century. If you were talking about the fantasy Arthur, then I can't really help you.

Where did the story of King Arthur first appear?

Arthur first appears in Welsh literature. In a surviving early Welsh poem, The Gododdin (ca. 594 AD), the poet Aneirin (ca. 535-600 AD) writes of one of his subjects that "he fed black ravens on the ramparts, although he was no Arthur." However, this poem (as it currently exists) is full of interpolations, and it is not possible to decide if this passage is an interpolation from a later period. The following poems attributed to Taliesin are possibly from a similarly early date: The Chair of the Sovereign, which refers to "Arthur the Blessed"; Preiddeu Annwn ("The Treasures of Annwn"), mentions "the valour of Arthur" and states "we went with Arthur in his splendid labours"; and the poem Journey to Deganwy, which contains the passage "as at the battle of Badon with Arthur, chief giver of feasts, with his tall blades red from the battle which all men remember."

How did King Arthur die?

Remember that King Arthur is a legend (fictional, although his character and depiction may be based on a factual person); in legend Arthur died in the battle of Camlam. Mordred either fatally wounded him or killed him and he was buried at Avalon,Arthur's historical existence is the 10th-century Annales Cambriae, which also link Arthur with the Battle of Mount Badon. The Annales date this battle to 516--518, and also mention the Battle of Camlann, in which Arthur andMedraut (Mordred) were both killed, dated to 537--539.During the Battle of Camlann (est. 537), King Arthur impaled his half-brother Mordred with a lance. Mordred though used what little remained of his strength to pull King Arthur to him, and delivered a fatal blow with his sword. He supposedly died later from those wounds.

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What did Arthur do as king?

Unknown! We do not even know if there was a King Arthur. Most historians believe the legend derives from a dark age warlord 5-6th century who halted the advance of the Saxon invaders across BritainBetter AnswerArthur may not have been a "king" but the evidence seems to support the existence of someone called Arthur or Arturius who was a battle leader among the Britons in the late 5th Century and early 6th Century AD. He is said to have fought twelve battles against the invading Anglo-Saxons and at each battle he was victorious. According to Nennius and other medieval sources Arthur fought the following battles; 1) On the River Glein (probably somewhere in Cambridgeshire)2, 3, 4 & 5) On the River Dubglas in the region of Linnuis (Lincolnshire)6) On the River Bassas (unknown)7) In the Forest of Celidon (southern Scotland)8) Castle Guinnon (unknown)9) City of the Legion (probably Chester)10) On the River Tribruit (unknown)11) At Mount Agned (unknown)12) At Mount Badon (517AD, probably Barbury Rings) - here the Anglo-Saxons were slaughtered and the threat to Britain that they posed was removed for about 50 years.Then there is the final battle at Camlann (538AD) where Arthur was betrayed and is mortally wounded. This battle does not appear in Nennius.Without Arthur, Britain would have been conquered far sooner than it was by the English and this would have made the British Isles a profoundly different place than they are today.

Were the Anglo Saxons allies with the british?

No, the British were part of the waning Roman empire. The Romano-British, having lost it's army to events on the continent, turned to Saxon mercenaries to defend them from Pictish and Scottish attacks. However, the Saxons soon turned on their British employers and began taking the country for themselves. England is a result of the combined Germanic kingdoms (Angles, Saxons, Jutes) that conquered Roman Britain. Scotland is a result of the Irish warrior who conquered northern Britain defeating the native Picts. Wales is the area of Britain never conquered and as such can be considered the only natives to Britain (Wales in fact meaning foreigner in old English), the Welsh still referred to themselves as Britons for hundreds of years and continued to maintain Roman settlements. A counter opinion is that "Saxon" is a name for any Roman auxiliary armed with a seax sword, regardless of ethnicity, so the Saxon take-over of Britannia was an assumption of power by military allies, not an invasion of foreigners. Diggings and recovered artifacts do not support warfare and armed strife in the south and east of the island. There was a full-on invasion in the northwest, by Irish, attested to in the Welsh chronicles and supported with recovered evidence. Gildas, the writer who tells us of the Battle of Badon Hill does not name the combatants, but elsewhere, has scathing words for the Irish and Scots. It is therefore possible that "Saxons" were allies of the British, acting as armed auxiliaries since the time of Carausius and enshrined into hereditary power by Diocletian. There may have been a rebellion of the Saxons due to poor pay after the fall of Rome, but facts on the ground do not support the escalation of that into a war with the British. It exists only in myth. ("Sons of Hengist and Horsa" is the German equivalent of "Sons of Romulus and Remus." It indicates a military heritage, not actual historical origins.)

When did the first mention of Arthur appear and in what literature?

Arthur is mentioned in some early Welsh poems. However, the dates of the passages are somewhat dubious.One of these is The Gododdin, which says that a certain warrior named Gwawrddur was of great prowess, "though he was not Arthur". Evidently Arthur was known to the poet as a famous warrior. Of course, it is possible that this might not be our Arthur.The Song of the Graves gives the locations of the graves of many famous heroes, but also contains the stanza:Bet y March, bet y Guythur,bet y Gugaun Cledyfrutanoeth bid bet y ArthurThis can be translated as:A grave for March, a grave for Gwythur,A grave for Gwgawn Red-sword;The world's wonder/ difficutly (anoeth) a grave for Arthur.Presumably this is a reference to Arthur's gave being unknown, and perhaps to the believe that Arthur lives still in the magic island of Avalon.An elegy about a hero named Gereint contains the lines:In Llongborth I saw Arthur'sHeroes who cut with steel.The Emperor, ruler of our labour.This is interpreted by some to refer to a band of warriors known as Arthur's Heroes who remained a unit after Arthur's death. However it could be just a late addition to the poem, if indeed the entire poem is not late.A chronicle called the Annales Cambriae written in its current version at least by 970 contains two Arthurian entries:Year 72 (c. 516) The Battle of Badon, in which Arthur carried the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ on his shoulders for three days and three nights and the Britons were victors.Year 93 (c. 537) The Strife of Camlann in which Arthur and Medraut fell [and there was death in Britain and in Ireland.] Text in brackets not in MSS. B or C.They could be older.The account called Historia Birttonum, usually dated to about the 8th century, contains some Arthurian material:Then Arthur along with the kings of Britain fought against them in those days, but Arthur himself was the military commander ["dux bellorum"]. His first battle was at the mouth of the river which is called Glein. His second, third, fourth, and fifth battles were above another river which is called Dubglas and is in the region of Linnuis. The sixth battle was above the river which is called Bassas. The seventh battle was in the forest of Celidon, that is Cat Coit Celidon. The eighth battle was at the fortress of Guinnion, in which Arthur carried the image of holy Mary ever virgin on his shoulders; and the pagans were put to flight on that day. And through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ and through the power of the blessed Virgin Mary his mother there was great slaughter among them. The ninth battle was waged in the City of the Legion. The tenth battle was waged on the banks of a river which is called Tribruit. The eleventh battle was fought on the mountain which is called Agnet. The twelfth battle was on Mount Badon in which there fell in one day 960 men from one charge by Arthur; and no one struck them down except Arthur himself, and in all the wars he emerged as victor. And while they were being defeated in all the battles, they were seeking assistance from Germany and their numbers were being augmented many times over without interruption. And they brought over kings from Germany that they might reign over them in Britain, right down to the time in which Ida reigned, who was son of Eobba.The are some variations in this text in different manuscripts.These are arguably the oldest Arthurian texts. There are other Welsh texts of dubious date.

Where did King Arthur live?

Camelot. It says so in all of the stories. He built a castle at Camelot and lived there.There is no easy answer to this question. First, it is bound up in the question of whether or not King Arthur really existed; then, you have to consider, if he did exist, who was he?If Arthur was a Roman Briton, that might place him in a very different time period than if he was a Welsh warlord. Since there is very little direct evidence for Arthur's existence, we basically have to pick our favorite theory and make assumptions based on that theory.We can narrow down the Arthurian time period, however. Most of the time, in movies and television shows and in many books, Arthur is depicted as a king in plate armor living in a grand castle, which places him more or less in the high Middle Ages. This is about seven hundred or so years after any of the possible King Arthurs would have lived. The Arthurian era settles around the year 500 AD. We can't know if that was the year he was born, or the year he died, or the year he fought the Battle of Badon, or the year he married, but various early accounts of Arthur pinpoint events in the decades before and after 500 AD.Whether or not Arthur was a real person (and this is a matter of considerable doubt) we can make some statements about where he lived, or supposedly lived. Certainly in the British Isles, and certainly not in Ireland or Scotland. Probably in Wales, south-western England or central England. This was during the dark ages, and there is almost no written history of the period from the period. Almost everything that we "know" about Arthur was written a lot later, and much of it is admittedly fiction.2 places i know King Arthur once lived, if he did exist, was Cadbury Castle, and Tintagel Castle, both of them were in England, but now lay in ruins.a long time ago .The above does not answer the question. King Arthur is supposed to have lived in the west of Britain, chiefly in the part now called Cornwall. He is a legendary figure, nobody can actually prove that he existed.

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