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He's not on earth. He's at the right hand side of the throne God awaiting for Him to give the word to come back for the church.

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Q: What are the signs that Jesus is still alive on Earth?
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Are Jesus' brothers and sisters still alive?

On Earth, no.

Jesus Christ is still alive?

Yes. In the meaning of spiritually alive in Heaven. There is no evidence that he is alive on Earth at the moment.

Is Jesus Christ still alive?

Yes. In the meaning of spiritually alive in Heaven. There is no evidence that he is alive on Earth at the moment.

Is earth alive?

yes Earth was alive and still is alive.

What books of the Bible were written while Jesus was alive?

No books of the Bible were written at the time Jesus was alive on earth. The old Testament books had already been written, and the New Testament books started to be written within a few years of Jesus' death. All were written by 70AD. Christians regard Jesus as still being alive, although not on earth.

Is jesus dead or still alive living in a cave with bob marley and jesus christ?

Jesus is alive, sitting on his throne on the right hand of God the Father.

What dinosaurs were still alive during time of Jesus?


Are any of Ulysses s grant's kids still alive?

Nobody born before 1897 is still alive (except Jesus).

Who said that Jesus is alive?

There are several proofs that Jesus is alive: the most simple proof was when He appeared to His disciples, and showed them His wounds. Then He appeared before His disciples (and hundreds of others) for 40 days. Jesus is still alive because He is still doing a lot of miracles for a lot of people and curing them.

How long was Jesus alive after he rose from the dead?

He is still alive, so it is almost 2000 years now

Is Saint Nicholas still alive?

Yes, he is still alive in Heaven but left earth about 1600 years ago.

Is Christ still alive?

Yes, Lord Jesus Christ Is Still Alive! He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Man may change but He never changes. His unconditional love towards us too never changes. Jesus Christ is still alive because He was crucified BUT rose from the dead on the third day. No other religious leader rose from the dead!If we have faith on Him we can experience His miracles, healing and goodness as He was here when on earth. This has been my personal experience and I have the real joy and peace ( of mind) all because He is still alive.

What s the age of the oldest donkey?

jesus donkey is still alive

Can Earth live without humans?

yes,earth will still be alive because, it was alive when dinosuars was here and they were gone for a while then earth didn't die

Is doris Collins the psychic still alive?

Medium on earthYes, Doris Collins was born in 1918 and is still alive.

Who appeared to Jesus apostles and what did they say?

Jesus appeared to the apostles before His final departure. He proofed that He was still alive.

What is The Biggest fish on Earth Still Alive?

The Whale Shark

Is anyone involved with the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still still alive?


Is it true that Josh from Drake and Josh died?

No- he is still alive and not showing any signs of death.

When was Jesus alive?

Jesus is still alive, but He walked on earth around 2,000 years ago. Before Jesus was born, time was kept track of in the year of the reign of a certain king. Now we keep track of it as how many years before Christ came to Earth. So if you look at a timeline before Jesus, the years go backwards. 505 B.C. is after 627 B.C. Modern time, after Jesus' birth is kept as how many years after Christ was born. So it is approximatly 2,009 years after Christ was born from the virgin Mary. Since that is the way time is kept, the year we give Jesus for being born is 0. It was no years before He was born, and no years after He was born, so its 0. He was on earth from the year 0 to around 33 A.D.Folks with a brain and logic will tell you he never existed and is made up by the church. He never was alive, therefore he can not still be alive.

Why do Christians be believe that Jesus is still alive?

Because He raised from the dead and ascended into heaven.

Are there any prehistoric animals still on earth?

No, there are no more prehistoric animals alive on earth. All animals alive today are decendents of prehistoric animals.

Is the fattest man on earth still alive?

yes moin sher

Is any of jesus realatives still alive?

i dont think so... it was 2008 yrs ago...

Was Jesus the first Christian to actively protest taxation and be hung for it?

No, because when he was alive he was still a Jew.