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There has been talk in difference posts of long distance relationships making it and some don't. My own opinion is it's a risk. Why? Because unless you can physically see each other on occasion and get to know one another then it just doesn't work. The percentages of it working are extremely low.

You can't make a judgment call on your girlfriend from a distance. Perhaps there are things going on in her life and she feels alone and depressed. If she means so much to you, and you are this worried then you should make the best attempt you can to go visit with her and see what is going on.

Here are some serious signs:

Never seeing the good in anything you discuss

Putting down people constantly

Lethargy (not wanting to talk much)

"Speed talking" talking rapidly and not making sense

Threats of suicide or threats such as: I'm not good for anything in this worldetc.

Crying because she misses you is OK, but constant crying and begging is a sign of fear and loneliness.

If you care about this girl (and it sounds like you do) then hitch a ride, take a bus, borrow a friends car, but get there! This is the only way you will know for sure if this girl is truly unstable or just plain lonely for you. We all need someone in our lives.

By the way, be sure you're pure as the driven snow and you've been true to her. I think there is a little more to this story. Either she is overly jealous and feels so insecure that you are dating other women, or you are!

Good luckMarcy

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Q: What are the signs that your girlfriend has emotional problems if you are in a long distance relationship?
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