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They were all great, but terrible men. They killed millions of people, but were brilliant. Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest military minds of all time and an amazingly charismatic speaker. He was able to gain support from millions of people just by taking advantage of the fact that people were desperate. But, he brought the German people out of the great depression much faster than roosevelt could in America because he was smart and used the strengthening of the military to create jobs for people. Stalin, instead used rapid industrializatrion and communism to ensure people had jobs and made his country stronger. Both Mussolini and Hitler felt a need for expansion and their people experienced the loss of personal freedoms. They would make that sure anyone who spoke out against them ended up dead and Hitler even had thousands of books burned because he didnt want his people reading them.

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Q: What are the similarities and differences between Jospeh Stalin Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussilini?
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Mussolini's Concentration Camps forCiviliansAn Insight into the Nature of Fascist RacismLuigi Reale• Comprehensive reconstruction of Mussolini's concentrationcamps in Italy for civilians• Detailed picture of the minutiae of life in the camps usingoriginal documents from local archives• Comparison of Fascist racism and Nazi racism, highlighting theirsimilarities and differences

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