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30 gallons per tank.

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Q: What are the sizes of fuel tanks on a 1986 f150 xlt lariat with duel tanks?
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Where is the fuel filter on a 1986 Scottsdale with duel tanks?

It is in the drivers side frame rail behind the cab. You will have to lay up under the truck to see it.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1995 F150 XL with duel gas tanks?

Where is the gas filter located on a 1995 F150XL pickup with duel gas tanks?

Does a 1995 ford f350 with duel tanks have electric fuel pumps?

I believe it does

If you have duel tanks on a freightliner truck and one side loses fuel before the other what is the problem?

Check your suction lines and pickup tube on the tanks.

How many fuel filters on a 1996 Ford F250 with duel tanks?

There should only be one, inline on the frame.

What to check for if1986 f150 with duel gas tanks has no power to fuel pumps?

broken wire or bad switch

Is there a fuel pump on a 76 Chevy pickup with duel tanks?

Yes, manual fuel pump, mounted on the engine block.

Do all 1993 ford f 150 trucks have 2 gas tanks? refers to midship tanks and after axle tanks on the 1993 F150 , the largest of all the tank sizes being 19 U.S. gallons , so I believe the 1993 F150 's all have 2 gas tanks ( Someone please correct me if I'm wrong ! ) the duel gas tanks were an option that you could choose Not all 93 f-150's came with 2 it was an option eg: my 93 F-150 XL only has 1 gas tank

1986 F350 duel wheel How do you get to the brake drums?

start by taking the tires off

Doe's a 1987 Chevy silverado have 1 fuel pump or 2?

If it has duel tanks then it has 2 pumps, 1 per tank.

Why duel fuel tanks on a farmall m tractor?

Some where equipped with a diesel engine that ran on gasoline until it was warmed up.

1995 Ford F-150 duel tanks running off of front tank gas is blowing from rear tank filler neck?

Ford has a recall out on some f series trucks with duel tanks,for the conditions you describe.They also had problems with certain fuel pressure regulators.Contact a dealer to see if your truck is on the recall.

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