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What are the skills to be learned in English?


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June 02, 2009 2:11AM

The main skill is communication.

To achieve this you need reading and listening skills to receive information, and speaking and writing skills to give information. You also need speaking and writing skills to get information.

Of course, you need to know English words and English grammar. Regular study habits are essential, at least half an hour a day. And lots of practise too, using your new language skills in everyday situations.

You must have good learning skills!

The most important factor is motivation. Strong motivation will help you to continue your program of learning. And strong motivation will prevent you from being stumbled by your mistakes!

Three key factors for success...

# Concentration! Focus all your attention on what you are learning and doing. # Effort! Learning a new language is not easy! So put all your energy into doing it! # Prioritise! Make English language learning your priority! Don't stop! Don't let it take second place! Learning English is important to you, so make it your main goal...and you will succeed!