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The social classes of the Aztecs are as follows: 1. The supreme ruler who was the a chief as well as a high priest. He was known as 'the one who speaks' 2. The priests and nobles. 3. Officials who administered the laws of the state, collected tributes and to ensure that all duties of the government were carried. Also in this class were the merchants. 4. Craftsmen or artisans 5. Commoners and peasants. 6. Slaves

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Q: What are the social classes of Aztecs?
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Describe the social structure of the Aztec empire?

Basically in social classes by the Aztecs, it was the ruler that came first, then below him were nobles, then were the warriors, and at the bottom were the slaves.

What are the social classes in the Aztecs?

The Aztec society had three main social classes: nobles, commoners, and slaves. Nobles held power and privilege, commoners made up the majority of the population and included artisans, farmers, and merchants, while slaves were generally prisoners of war or individuals who had fallen into debt. Social mobility was limited, with individuals typically remaining within the class they were born into.

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