What are the solutions to environmental degradation?

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How is environmental degradation caused due to modernization?

one form of modernization is industrialization. Industries need natural resources to operate, to generate and produce something. after that, they also pollute the air, water, soil with the emission, resulting from the production process.

How can environmental degradation be solved?

YES THIS ISSUE CAN BE SOLVED BY... . Contact Your Government - Tell your local officials that you want information on the community's water supply and local polluters. Make sure officials recognize your right to know about your water supply. . Dispose of Hazardous Waste - Make sure that ha ( Full Answer )

What can be solutions to environmental problems?

3'R's are the solution, REDUCE, RECYCLE & REUSE . REDUCE - Consumption of natural resources to the extent possible Emission of carbon into atmosphere Developmental projects affecting environment Human activities acclerating global warming and climate changes Deforestation for developmental activi ( Full Answer )

Industrial pollution and environmental degradation?

Industrial pollution is one of the major causes of global warming.Toxic wastes that come from industries and do not get disposed ofwell also contribute to environmental degradation.

How do industries cause environmental degradation?

Industries contribute significantly to India's economic growth and development but increase in pollution results in degradation of environment. 4 Types of Pollution : (a) Air : caused by undesirable gases such as sulpher dioxide and carbon monoxide, air borne particles such as dust, sprays, m ( Full Answer )

Environmental degradation and its effect?

The effects of the environmental degradation are: 1. water pollution and water scarcity 2. air pollution 3.solid and hazardous wastes 4. deforestation 5. loss of biodiversity 6. atmospheric changes

Steps to control environmental degradation?

With an exponentially\ngrowing human population on the planet, it can not be completely prevented, but\nthere are measures that can be taken to minimize the impacts of our daily\nlifestyles. Awareness is a key factor and even though one persons' modified\nactions will not have a sigificant impact, s ( Full Answer )

Solutions to environmental problems?

First of all, what environmental problems? please be more specific, because you could be talking about anything, and there is no answer to such a broad question

What are the steps to prevent environmental degradation?

There are a number of steps to prevent environmental degradation.This should start with avoiding any form of pollution to theenvironment and adopting green living so as to conserve theenvironment.

What is main cause of environmental degradation?

The main causes of environmental degradation are as follow; 1 Industrialization 2 Agricultural development 3 population growth 4 poverty 5 urbanization 6 Deforestation 7 transport development 8 market failure

Would Nuclear war help environmental degradation?

I should think nuclear war would cause all sorts of degradation. But one of the results would be contamination of the land with nuclear fall out which would be long lasting and affect generations to come.

What is the solution to land degradation?

If we had found an effective solution, land degradation wouldn't be a problem. More information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_rehabilitation

How do you check environmental degradation?

Environmental degradation is when the natural environment iscompromised in one way or another. To check for this, look forpollution or depletion of resources.

What are the causes of environmental degradation in India?

Environmental degradation can be attributed to various human activities, as well as some natural processes, with the later having an insignificant share. Most of the resources on the planet are vulnerable to depletion, and the rate at which we are exploiting them have already brought some of them to ( Full Answer )

Why are human beings responsible for environmental degradation?

Humans have needs (food, water, waste disposal, shelter) and larger populations require more resources. As we advance technologically we can support a larger population. This combined with ignorance and greed have led us to where we are today.

What are solution to environmental degradation?

Suggested Solutions to Environmental Degradation Though easier said than done, we should not lose hope. Instead, we should take the first step with determination to exert efforts towards a solution to save our beloved environment and all living things in it. The following are recommended simple wa ( Full Answer )

What are the type of environmental degradation?

Water deterioration One major component of environmental degradation is the depletion of the resource of fresh water on Earth. Approximately only 2.5% of all of the water on Earth is fresh water, with the rest being salt water. 69% of the fresh water is frozen in ice caps located on Antarctica and ( Full Answer )

What is environmental degradation?

Environmental Degradation is the destruction of the Environment through human dangerous activities. Habitat Degradation is the diminishment ( destruction leading to an end of something) of a habitats quality and its ability to support communities and their lives.

What is history of environmental degradation?

history of environmental degradation lasts when the thought of development might have come into the minds of people and they started exploiting it in the name of development for their selfish uses.

Poster on environmental issues solutions?

There is a very wide range of things you can do some examples are, overfishing, deforestication, issues with global warming, recycling, the possibilities are pretty much endless do to the fact that so many things are at risk... Save the Whales Save the Earth Save the Trees Recycle Any of these topic ( Full Answer )

Why is economic development not possible without environmental degradation?

Due to the hazardous perceptions available in the numerous areas in the U.K economic development can be an issue. Thus some have argued that it is difficult to adhere to such matter without environmental degradation, which may include matters such as ruined habbitats, lost of animals, homes ruined e ( Full Answer )

How does Environmental Degradation affect development in Zimbabwe?

Standard measures of economic growth do not adequately reflect changes in aggregate welfare over time. Sustainable national income is therefore defined as Net National Product with adjustments for the degradation of renewable and non-renewable capital. Productivity loss rather than replacement cost ( Full Answer )

What are the solution to soil degradation?

The best way is to grow leguminous plants. We should use natural manure instead of fertilizers. Manure increases the yield year by year slowly, but fertilizers give a good yield for a few years and then, the soil slowly degrades. Farmers should be well-educated of the harms of fertilizers. Biodegra ( Full Answer )

Is environmental degradation a national issue?

of course it is!!!! If the issue of environmental degradation is not dealt with seriously, then it will not be a miracle when the Maldives will no more be seen on the world map!!!!

What are solutions to environmental issues?

There are easily a thousand environmental issues and a hundred thousand solutions, so this is a very broad question. Broadly speaking, you can apply the three R's, re-use, reduce, recycle.

Should development come with the expense of environmental degradation?

economic balance goes with the environmental balance. a good and developed situations and lives are only possible with the good environment. if the environment of a region are degraded very much the region most probably a developing one . hence development should goes with the expenses of environm ( Full Answer )

What are some solutions to Environmental problems?

Some solutions to environmental problems are to conserve energy anyway that we can by using less electricity, carpooling whenpossible, recycling and repurposing, using solar power, etc.

What is the difference between environmental degradation and pollution?

Degradation = decrease of quality. This can either happen naturally (e.g. erosion, landslides, forest fires, floods) or man-made (pollution). Pollution = the contamination of nature (air, soil, water) with harmful substances. Can occur naturally (volcanic eruptions) or man made (toxic gas release, ( Full Answer )

What are the examples of environmental degradation?

Emissions from most modern vehicles (old ones especially since they are making the 08 and 09 models more enviormentally friendly) enter the air and break down earths ozone layer.

What can be solutions to environmental issues?

The degraded environment of a place can be corrected by strengthning the ecosystem services of nature. For example to control air pollution, plant more trees. For restoring soil fertility use organic farming. To check water pollution minimize the of synthetic pesticides and insecticides.