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What are the sources of energy?

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We have so many sources of energy among them we have Sunlight and carbohydrate or the food we take in.

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What are Iran's energy sources?

What are iran's energy sources?

what are 4 sources of energy?

Nuclear Energy, Physical Energy, Mental Energy, And Spiritual Energy

What are the different energy sources that are used to deliver energy to your community?

The energy sources that I am most excited about all have lower carbon emissions, compared to conventional energy sources. These include Biomass Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, and Hydroelectric Energy sources.

What are the types of the conventional and non conventional sources of energy?

Conventional energy sources are coal, oil, natural gas, and hydraulic energy sources.Non conventional energy sources are nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal, wave, tide, and biomass energy sources.

What are the sources of renewable energy?

Renewable sources are those which can be reproduced. Example is solar energy.

Introduction on non conventional energy sources?

renewable sources of energy

What is the importance of preserving energy sources?

importance of preservation of energy sources

What is an Examples of sources of energy?

Is wind and sun a pair of sources of energy

Are Most energy sources are derived from the Sun's energy?

Sun is a source of energy. Various energy sources are derived from it.

What are the sources of energy for the Earth system?

The two sources of energy are the sun and energy from the Earth's Interior.

What is meant by nonrenewable energy?

Nonrenewable energy sources are sources of energy which wont come back any time soon (oil/uranium), whereas renewable sources of energy are energy sources which are there whether we use them or not (solar energy, wind, waves, ect)

Earth's energy sources?

There are many of energy sources in earth like solar energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectricity, tide energy, nuclear energy.

What are nonrenewable energy sources?

nonrenewable energy sources are sources that are depleted sources as fossil fuels (wood, coal, natural gas, and oil)

Can you use energy sources in a sentence?

How about: 'Energy sources are essential for an industrial economy'

Name three sources of chemical energy?

what are the three sources of chemical energy

What are the sources and uses of sound energy?

What are the sources and uses of sound energy?" s ound energy causes the impulses to be hear from the vibrating system What are the sources and uses of sound energy?"

What is the origin of non-renewable energy sources including how energy can be trapped in these sources?

what is origin of non-renewable energy sources, including how energy became trapped in these souces

What are some energy sources other than fossil fuels?

Alternate Energy SourcesSome alternate sources of energy are wind, water, and solar.

Conventional sources of energy?

conventional sources of energy are those sources energy which are non-renewable.for example such as:coal, oil shale and tar sands.

Where do humans get their energy from?

There are many sources that humans can get their energy from. Humans typically get their energy from different food sources.

What are two sources of thermal energy?

The two types of thermal energy sources are Geothermal and Thermal Energy

What are non-conventional sources of energy?

Use of renewable energy sources like solar energy, wind, tide, biomass and energy from waste materials are called non-conventional energy sources.

Is electiccal energy nonrenewable?

Electric energy is a secondary source of energy. This means that it needs a primary energy source to be generated. The renewable and nonrenewable energy sources are called on the primary energy sources and not on the secondary energy source. For example Coal, natural gas, ... etc are nonrenewable energy sources. Solar energy, wind energy, ... etc are renewable energy sources.

What energy sources do you use at home?

thermal energy, radiant energy, kinect energy, potential energy, chemical energy, and electrical energy are energy sources that you use at home

What are 5 alternative energy sources?

The five alternative energy sources are-Wind EnergyNuclear EnergySolar EnergyGeothermal EnergyBio-chemical Energy