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Chocolate is made from the seeds of the cacao bean. Inside the yellow/red cacao fruit are the cocoa beans. This is what chocolate is made of. The beans are then fermentedfor about a week and then dried again for a week. The chocolate flavor we all know comes from yeast breaking down the complex sugars. The beans are then roasted for more flavor. The process of shell removing is called winnowing. The beans are then grinded into a gooey liquid -Chocolate liquor. The liquor will then be seperated. Cocoa butter from cocoa solids. The "butter"is used in moistuizers and white chocolate. The solids are then grounded for cocoa powder most chocolate however uses the unsweetened baers chocolate with solids and butter, they then mix in sugar flavoring and milk. This is all mixed together in a process called conching. The mixture is heated and cooled during tempering. The chocolate crystals are made into an orderly way so chocolate bars are shiny and brittle.

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Q: What are the stages of production for a chocolate bar?
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