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First, you will have to loosen the inside door panel to access the Phillips-head screw that holds the plastic trim piece behind the mirror.

If you have manual remote mirrors, you will also have to remove the tiny set screw that holds the adjuster in place.

Once the plastic trim piece is removed, you will find three Torx screws (T-30?) which hold the mirror to the door.

You may want to change out both of your 1989 mirrors for a set of 1997-2001 mirrors from a junkyard. They are larger, look better, are more aerodynamic and most of all, are a direct bolt-on fit.

If you don't already have manual or electric remote mirrors, you can do that upgrade at the same time!

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Q: What are the steps for replacing the side-view mirrors on a 1989 Jeep Cherokee-Laredo?
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