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They have sharp claws and sharp teeth.

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What are three behavioral adaptation of a striped skunk?

the three adaptains of an animal are eyes nose and mouth

What is an antonym for baboon?

There is no antonym for baboon. A baboon is a specific type of animal so the opposite would have to be 'not baboon'.

What do baboon spiders eat?


Is a baboon a carnivore?

no a baboon a herbivore!

Who is stronger a gorilla or baboon?

A baboon

What genus is a baboon in?

A baboon is a primate.

Is a baboon a decomposer?

is a baboon a decomposer

Does a baboon have a tail?

Yes, a baboon has a tail.

What is the Hebrew word for baboon?


Is a baboon a consumer or a producer?

a baboon is a consumer

What animal is the baboon in The Lion King?

its a baboon

What is the plural for baboon?

The plural for baboon is baboons.

What do baboon monkeys eat?

They eat baboon and fruit

What do you call a baboon in Swahili language?

nyani (baboon)

How do you use baboon at a sentence?

The baboon was swinging on the branch.

What is a young baboon called?

A baby Baboon is referred to as an infant.

How do you spell baboon?

That is the correct spelling of the monkey group, the "baboon".

Who would win out of a baboon and a eagle?

the baboon because it has a sniper

What can a baboon spider eat?

baboon spiders eat bugs

Badger vs baboon who would win?

Baboon Badger

What do you call a baboon who failed his math test?

Baboon fail

When was Yellow baboon created?

Yellow baboon was created in 1766.

When was Hamadryas baboon created?

Hamadryas baboon was created in 1758.

When was Olive baboon created?

Olive baboon was created in 1827.

What is a type of baboon starting with man?

That would be the Mandrill.A mandrill is a type of baboon that starts with the letter M.