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When you turn the ignition on the CHECK ENGINE light will not light up at all.

2007-07-19 00:47:12
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What motor does a 1988 Toyota supra have in it from the factory?

There were two different engines in the 1988 Supras(MKIII) there was the turbo-charged 7MGTE inline 6 engine, and the N/A 7MGE which was not turbo-charged.

How can you tell the difference between a turbo and nonturbo on a 1988 supra?

Look on the front timing cover. If it says 7MGE it is non turbo, if it says 7MGTE it is a turbo. You can look on back below taillights for turbo emblem. The turbo motors also usually have a black plastic cover over the front of the motor that says turbo. Easy way is look on left side of motor where the exhaust is to see if there's a turbo or not.

How to fix a turbo charger for an 1988 Toyota Supra that is not working?

buy a new turbo and replace it

What is the top speed of the 1988 Toyota supra non turbo?

mine reads 160

1988 Toyota supra non turbo horse power?

It's 200hp and the turbo hp is 130. The 90-92 is 133hp.

Does anyone have the diagrams for vacuum lines for an 88 supra turbo?

A Chilton's Automotive Repair manual will have a diagram for the vacuum lines for the 1988 Supra Turbo. This is an inexpensive manual when compared to the labor costs. It is about $25 at most automotive parts stores.

Is purchasing a Toyota supra twin turbo 1988 in working condition tune up neded 950 a god deal or not?

well it doesn't come twin turbo, it's single turbo.

Rear differential on a 1988 Toyota supra?

it depends if its turbo or not and if the non turbo has the sport package turbo diffs where 3.73 LSD and non turbo where 4.30 same with the sport package but the sport package has LSD as well and all the MKIII differentials are 7.5 inches

When was Montreal Supra created?

Montreal Supra was created in 1988.

Will the motor mounts in a 1989 Toyota supra turbo fit in a 1988 Toyota supra turbo for an engine swap?

If they are square, YES!. If they are round, NO!. In 1989, Toyota did a mid year crossmember/engine mount change. The square ones will fit '86 to '89. The round ones will fit '89 to '92.

Does a 1988 Toyota supra turbo have a fuel pump relay or a fuse?

Both power is fused before a relay gas and spark don't mix too well

Will a 2jz-gte engine work in a 1988 Toyota supra non-turbo and what tranny work with it?

yes it will, u have to do a full engine swap and get all the parts for it

Where can you get 1988 Supra Electrical Diagrams?

Right here:

Can you switch a 1988 supra engine to an 1987 supra engine?

If its a Tubro (7m-gte) then replace it with the turbo engine (7m-gte) If its non turbo, replace it with the non turbo. The Supras from 1986.5 to 1992 were all interchange able. In fact, the engines from the 79-86 Supras will bolt in as well, how ever they will not plug into your stock harness. The "M" series block is very very interchangeable. Also the 7m Series engine came in the Toyota Cressida of the same years....but only in non turbo form.

What kind of turbo does the Turbo Thunderbird have?

1983-1986 Garrett turbo 1987-1988 ihi turbo

Can you see a vacuum diagram for 1988 Toyota supra?

A link to more information about the Toyota Supra can be found in related links.

Is it possible to fit a Toyota Supra turbo engine on a 1988 Nissan 300ZX?

It's possible, in fact here's a 2JZ-GTE in an '88 or so z31, click on the engine link.

1988 911 turbo horsepower?

300 HP

Can you swap a 1988 RX7 transmission with a 1990 RX7?

as long as they are both non-turbo or both turbo.

Where is the 2nd fuse box in a 1988 Toyota supra turbo the fuse that contains the fog lights?

I Don't Know Whether Yours Is Left Or Right Hand Drive, But In UK The Fuse Box Is Under Cover On Drivers Side. Regards M. R.

What can you do to get more horse power out of your 1988 Toyota supra?

change the stock air filter to a cold air k&n or otherwise after market intake system. take it to a machine shop and have it bored out. Or maybe just get a bigger turbo it's slightly up to you

What is the fastest third generation supra 1986-1992?

The 1989 supra turbo would be the fastest. 1989-1992 were basically the same car though. the 1987-1988 supra turbos had slightly less power, 2hp and 8lbs of torque, so they are about the same as well. There is no real speed dif. A non targa turbo would be faster, due to less weight, but not by much. Maybe 100lbs lighter? I think the targas cool factor is worth the 100lbs. The fastest a mag clocked a mk3 turbo was 0-60 in 6.6 seconds and 15.1 1/4 mile at around 91mph. They feel much faster. Once in 3rd gear you can keep up with anything. They do weigh alot, but they are a very good riding and handling car. If you find a 87 or 88 supra turbo, its the same as a 1989 in most aspects. The speed dif isn't really noticble, so if you want one get it. Hope I was of some help to you.

1988 Toyota supra light on in dash that says check oil?

check the oil maybe?

Where can you buy leather seats for a 1988 Toyota supra?

These seat covers can be found on e-bay from

How do you replace a starter on 1988 Toyota supra?

when i did the clutch in my 1988 non turbo supra we had to take off the starter it was a pain it took us six hours just to get the one bolt off we tried using extension and everything we finaly got it off by going the inside of the car through where the gear shifter is put a couple extensions on it have one person hold it on the bolt and the other go at it with an impact driver by far the most difficult job i ve done on my car is that one starter bolt good luck