Periods while Pregnant

What are the symptoms of pregnancy when you still get your period?


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2011-09-13 21:23:41
2011-09-13 21:23:41

All i know hon is that i have what seems to be a period that was about 5 days early and i have been feeling sick to my tummy tired and going to the bathroom more often that i used to so i am in the same boat as you although it hasn't been 3 weeks for me.. maybe go get checked at the hospital or family Dr. and have them do a blood pg test .. more accurate... b.c i have a friend who was experiencing what you are and we found out her hormones were low and the only way to detect it was through a blood pg test. .. so i hoped this helped

AnswerI have a lot of bloating when I'm on my period its light sometimes but when i start my period it heavy for the first 2 days then its really light i used to be really heavy when I'm on my period . I'm getting bloating a lot when on my period and going to the toilet more often than usually . i been really like I'm leaking all the time its really made me uncomfortable and more discharge. I've been feeling sick. but I've not had a pregnancy test or anything really i haven't put any weight on but when i saw this website i thought how can you have a period while pregnant cause all teachers think in child development said these are the symptoms of being pregnant i just want to stand up and say you don't always have to miss a period while pregnant every1 body is different.


AnswerI'm now still getting bloating every1 can hear it in my stomach and they ask me if I'm hungry when I'm not hungry . I'm really tired I'm really getting lazy I've got back pain and I'm really feeling sick



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If you had many symptoms of pregnancy including a missed period last month but negative pregnancy test then this month you had cramping and then you started and still have symptoms can you still be pregnant?

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Period symptoms are very similar to pregnancy symptoms, so this is probably why

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Yes, the symptoms of pregnancy varies from woman to woman, and in some cases the period still coming until the third month, the best is to make and pregnancy test.

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