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What are the synonyms for love used in the Bible?

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The synonyms for love used in The Bible is compassion. In some instances grace of God is also used in terms of love.

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Most used word in the Bible?

The most used word in the bible is LOVE

How many times is the word honey used in the Bible Talmud Koran?

In the Tanakh (Jewish Bible), it appears 53 times, not counting synonyms.

What are Synonyms for love?

Synonyms of love is worship, adoration, adore, cherish.Affection and ardor are two of the synonyms of love.affection, devotion, cherishing, devotedness, passion

Where is hate used in the Bible?

it's not you won't find hate in there. bible is love.

What are synonyms for justice?

synonyms for justice are fairness, mercy, love,

How many times is the word love used in the New Testament?

The word 'love' is used 202 times in the New Testament of the King James Version of the Bible. Love is used a total of 442 time through out the entire Bible.

What are the synonyms for the word bible?

The Good Book and Holy Scripture

Is there different kinds of hate in the Bible?

The word hate as used in the Bible is often understood. It is not used as an opposite of love. Rather, it means rejection.

Can you find the word Bible in the Holy Bible?

No, but you can find the use of the words Scripture and Law, which are basically synonyms.

What is the example of synonyms?

same, related, naughty*, love* *-sam &*-love

What are synonyms for 'clever'?

Ivan and you are in love

What does the Bible say about 'eros' love?

Nothing specific, as the Greek word eros isn't used in the Bible.

How many times is the word believer used in the bible?

The word believe is in the Bible 143 times.The word love is in the Bible 360 times and the word work is in the Bible 402 times and the word discipline is used 29 times

How many time is the word love used in the bible?

The word 'love' is written 546 times in the Bible. A similar word, 'charity', is found 24 times in the New Testament.

What are some of the synonyms for loving?

Synonyms for the verb love could include - admire, fancy, cherish, or treasure.

What is the synonyms of fit?

I really love fit guys

What are synonyms for aptitude?

Talent, ability, and skill can be used as synonyms for aptitude.

Is love the most common word used in bible?

No, the most common word is Lord.

What are synonyms and antonyms for love?

Synonyms: affection, devotion, passion, emotion, attachment, like Antonyms: hate, dislike

What synonyms can be used for the word disagreement?

There are many different synonyms for the word disagreement that could be used. Some of the synonyms are argument, misunderstanding, fight, feud, or squabble.

How and when is The Bible used?

the Bible is used all over the world by christians everyday. how do i know this? i read mine everyday and love it when i do the Bible is Gods word to us, by reading this God gives us enstructions for our lives and how to live for Him

How is the word 'acceptance' used in the Bible?

yes exceptance is in the bible ,the Lord Almighty will accept all those who love and praise him.

What are synonyms for shown?

Synonyms for shown is... - viewed - display - presentation The synonyms varies with the context of the word that's being used.

In what book is love first mentioned in the Bible?

Love is mentioned in the first book of the Bible - Genesis.

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