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Six years for Senators, and two years for House members. One-third of the Senate is elected every two years. The entire house is up for election each time.

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Q: What are the terms of office for members of Congress?
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Terms of office in congress?


Can members of congress be removed from office?

Yes, members of Congress can be removed from office by a "motion of no confidence" or being brought to trial at a court.

How are members of Congress and the Senate chosen for their office-?

Members of the Senate are voted into office by voters in their respective states. Members of the House of Representatives are elected by voters in their district in their home state. They do not have to live in their district, but most do. Senators serve six-year terns, while representatives serve two-year terms.

What are the terms of office for members of the house?


Does the president have the power to remove a congress member?

NO- the president can not remove members of Congress from office.

Who is in Congress how was membership determined and when do they meet?

The members of congress are voted into office. The Senate serves 6 years and the House is 2 year terms. They meet in the capital building and set their own calendar in January.

Is there a term limit on the members of congress?

there are currently no term limits for members of congress. however many times they get reelected is how many terms they can serve.

Terms of congress?

Under the United States Constitution, members of the congress may serve an unlimited number of two-year terms. The members of the Senate, on the other hand, may serve an unlimited number of six-year terms.

How many congressman are in office?

There are 435 voting members of the US Congress.

How does the seniority system work in congress?

Unlike the President, who is restricted to two terms in office, a member of Congress can be re-elected many times. Members with seniority generally are given positions based largely on that fact alone.

What amendment was ratified in 1992?

27th Amendment, which prohibits increases or decreases to the salary of Congress members from taking effect until the beginning of the next set of terms of office for Representatives.

How many members are there in the senate and what are their terms of office?

100 Senators serving six-year terms.

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