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The Theories concern with infringement of employees right

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Q: What are the theories of infringement of employee right?
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What are the right of an employee?

What are the right of an employee

Which organizational theories is used to improve conditions regarding employee alienation?


Is downloading music and uploading it on another site copyright infringement?

Without permission, yes it would be an infringement of the artists right to control distribution of his/her music.

Does an employee have the right to another employee time sheet?

NO, they do not.

Why are tentative theories?

Those are theories that are possibly right, but not proved correct yet.

What law protects your work from copyright infringement?

There is no such law. The law only provides you with the right to sue someone who violates your copyright; it does not "protect" you from infringement. 17 USC § 501 in the USA

Does a boss have the right to raise his voice to an employee And tells them he doesn't believe them?

Yes, a boss has the right to raise his voice an employee and tell the employee s/he does not believe them

Does a manager have the right not to accept the resignation of an employee?

no the manager should not have the right not to accept the resignation of an employee, that right should be for the owner or top boss

Is intellectual property a right in rem or right in personam?

Intellectual property is a right in personam: an infringement case would be brought by the rightsholder against the infringer.

Which of the following by OSHAct is an employee and right during a safety inspection?

Which of the following, by OSHAct, is an employee's right during a safety inspection

What are your three rights as an employee?

Right to Know Right to Participate Right to Refuse

Does a boss have the write to raise his voice to an employee?

Yes, a boss does have a right to raise a voice to an employee but not to physically harm the employee.

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