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What are the tools and machines used in Indian traditional farming?


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The wheel is used to travel The wheel is used on cars, trains, planes, machines, wagons, and most factory and farming tools.

Since they were nomadic buffalo hunters they did no farming, so they needed no farming tools.

They celebrate with meat and tools, they gather up and talk about the traditional stuffs.

Tools: stethoscope, thermometer, some diagnostic tools and minor mechanical tools Machines: radiograph, anesthetic vaporizer, autoclave

They invented hand tools for farming

The medieval farming tools were called the Axe, Flail, Harrow, Haymaking Forks, Rake, Moulboard Plough, Shears, and Sickle. These are just the main tools used in the medieval farming.

The tools that the Navajo used were wooden rakes and hoes for farming and spindles and looms for weaving. To bore holes into turquoise and other beads, they would use pump drills.

the farming tools that people used in (ancient) Greece were hoes, sythes, and plows.

they used sewing machines and lots of tools.

the modern tools of wheat farming are very many amoungst them selves, there is tractors combines grain elevators

Farming tools, weapons, pipes, and that's about it.

In traditional methods of farming, simple tools are used, whereas in modern farming large machinery is activated. There are large investments involved in modern farming. Modern farming has a great advantage because it increases yield and does not cause any harm to soil.

Organic farming methods combine scientific knowledge of ecology and modern technology with traditional farming practices based on naturally occurring biological processes. Organic farming methods are studied in the field of agroecology. While conventional agriculture uses synthetic pesticides and water-soluble synthetically purified fertilizers, organic farmers are restricted by regulations to using natural pesticides and fertilizers. The principal methods of organic farming include crop rotation, green manures and compost, biological pest control, and mechanical cultivation.Traditional farming methodsIn traditiona method keeps environment fit. Traditional agricultural tools were economical in terms of labour, money.

The machines are said to transform vector objects used by the chip.

The tools that hunter gathers used when they were farming came from the things in nature that they found. Some tools were made from wood, stone, and animal bones.

They used stone tools and iron plows

simple farm tools are those affordable tools used for farming activities.

No, tools and machines are the products of engineering design.Along with the knowledge of how to make and use them and a support infrastructure they are parts of a technology.

The farmers have upgraded from traditional farming methods using hand tools to modern mechanization. This has led to an increase in food production and improved food security. Farmers also enjoy better export returns from their crops.

Traditional power tools will have much more power than any cordless tool will have.

The whole family works hard.There are a few, if any, machines.Farms tend to be small, an average size is about one hectare.Farmers use primitive tools.

Bantu-speakers settled in central and southern Africa and introduced iron tools, farming and herding.

The Mesopotamians used irrigation to improve farming; they used tools like the wheel (pulled by oxen) and the plow.

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