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Q: What are the tools and machines used in Indian traditional farming?
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What are some Arctic Indian traditions?

They celebrate with meat and tools, they gather up and talk about the traditional stuffs.

What kind of farming tools did the Sioux use?

Since they were nomadic buffalo hunters they did no farming, so they needed no farming tools.

What tools or machines do veterinarians work with?

Tools: stethoscope, thermometer, some diagnostic tools and minor mechanical tools Machines: radiograph, anesthetic vaporizer, autoclave

Where can I get a good deal on some tools and machines used?

"Actually, Yahoo has great deals on tools and machines used on their shopping site." has huge selection of tools and machines used.

What tools did the sumerians invent?

They invented hand tools for farming

Mesopotamia farming tools?

the answer is poo!

Navajo Indian tools?

The tools that the Navajo used were wooden rakes and hoes for farming and spindles and looms for weaving. To bore holes into turquoise and other beads, they would use pump drills.

What were the tools the ancient Greeks used for farming?

the farming tools that people used in (ancient) Greece were hoes, sythes, and plows.

What are the medieval farming tools called?

The medieval farming tools were called the Axe, Flail, Harrow, Haymaking Forks, Rake, Moulboard Plough, Shears, and Sickle. These are just the main tools used in the medieval farming.

what are some tools or machines that use ice?

Ice Cream Machines.

What machines did they use in the 1850s?

they used sewing machines and lots of tools.

What are some of the iroquois tools?

Farming tools, weapons, pipes, and that's about it.

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