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Give us a summary of your current achievements.

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Q: What are the tools being used in interviews?
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What tools are used for quantitative observations?

Quantitative observations usually uses tools such as interviews, telephone interviews, computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI), questionnaires and web based questionnaires. Interviews In a quantitative research (survey), interviews are more structured than in a qualitative research. A quantitative interview would be a structured close ended type and a qualitative interview is always open end. Telephone interviews

What were the tools they used?

The tools they used depend on the era and the job being done. Basic tools include hammers, spears, and bows.

What are the differences of various assessment tools?

Assessment tools for jobs include psychological tests, aptitude tests, and other measures of general skills. Interviews are another type of assessment tool used in job candidate selection.?æ

Different types of power tools in drafting?

I've never heard of ANY power tools being used in drafting.

What tools and equipment is used in being a lawyer?

a suitcase a phone a computer and a suit

What tools were used in Mesopotamia?

They used tools and you can look tools up to see what they used

What tools did the Cheyenne tribe have?

Tools are mainly made from the hooves of the buffalo, and can be used for many things, including being used as a hammer, a carver, and even a knife if no bones are available.

Where and when were medieval tools and weapons used?

in the middle ages (usually considered being before 1500) and mostly in Europe, but the Asians, Africans and Americans also used these types of tools

What are types of Research Tools?

There are many research tools available. You can use primary sources, books, the Internet, articles, the library, interviews, and any other information that will help.

What tools did a medieval priest use?

they used wooden tools they used wooden tools

What are some of the tools that the Hopi used?

They used metal tools

What was needed to perform being a merchant?

Tools ! You need tools !

What were the tools the middle colonies used?

The tools that were used in the middle colonies were simple tools. These tools included knives and axes for example.

What tools did Homo erectus use?

They used spears and their tools were still made from stonethey used bamboo tools and stone tools

What is AdSense preview tools used for?

AdSense preview tools allow publishers to have an idea about the type of ads that will appear on their websites before they are being displayed or published to the audience.

What 'tools' are used in gene therapy?

Viral vectors are the tools used in gene therapy.

What are the cooking tools used in Romania?

These cooking tools are similar to the tools used in other countries from Europe.

What types of tools did Incas use?

they used sticks and used them as tools.

What were the tools used by hunter gathers?

description about tools used by hunters

What were the Iroquois tools used for?

The Iroquois tools were used for hunting and fishing.

i got new air tools how do they work?

air tools work by air being drawn and the pressure from the air is used to create the power. the manual that comes with the tools should explain how each tool works induvidually.

What are the most common tools used by jewelers?

There are multiple tools used by jewelers. The most used tools vary depending on the need of the customers.

What tools did Egypt used to build pyramids?

they used simple cutting tools not like the mechanic tools we have today.

What tools were used by the akkadians?

bronze tools

What are the tools and equipment used in mechanical engineering?

tools used in mechanical engineer

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