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The Internet TLD (Top Level Domain) country code for Italy is .it

The country of Italy is around 115 thousand square miles in area. It is in the top 100 largest countries.

Spain seems to be the top producer of olives... followed by Italy, Greece & Turkey. Though Italy seems to be the top producer for olive oil.

They play in Serie A, the top league in Italy.

because mostly animals bring them up their to eat.

Yes. He was found at 10,530 ft up the Otzal Alps on the border of Italy and Austria.

what are the top five jobs in italy

Turkey is number one, followed by Iran, Uzbekistan and Italy.

I think it is because animals died then mud piled on top the another layer of animals and so on.

The Top Ten Animals That Live In VenicePigeons, CormorantsLions ,RhinocerosesCats, ElephantsRatsHorsesDogsSeagulls Made By Mystery girl347

Even though most would believe that Italy would be the top producer of olive oil, Spain is actually the top producer.

France and Italy are the best known fashion centers, but Spanish fashions are way ahead of the US.

Mayan ruins are a top attraction in the country of Mexico. The ruins are located in the south portion of the nation. Some Mayan ruins are found in Panama.

In 2010, France and Italy were the top wine producers by volume. Each country produced over 4,500,000 liters.

The top of Italy (North) is richer than the bottom (South) of Italy :)

Francesco's Italy Top to Toe - 2006 The Heart of Italy was released on: USA: 21 February 2007

You can find Venice hostels in Italy from the Hostel Bookers website. Once on the page, click on "Hostels" in the top navigation menu, then select "Italy" as the country and "Venice" as the city to bring up the hostel listings.

The top five famous cities in Italy are Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan and Turin.

Yes, it is right near Firenze at the top of Italy.

the top ten animals of Africa are zebra giraffe lions

No, no animals live on the top of Mount Everest

The top music schools in North America are can be found at this website: It is quite easy to find information about the top music schools by looking at the website.

If one is looking to purchase a pillow top mattress on sale, they can often be found in department stores such as Sears or The Bay, The Brick and Leon's. They can also be found at special mattress stores such as Sleep Country.

top predators are animals that eat other animals but don't get eaten themselves

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