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What are the top ten infant mortality rate in the Philippines?

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what are the 10 leading causes of mortality and morbility rate in the pilippines latest 2008?

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The top ten leading causes of mortality in the Philippines in 2004 were: * diseases of the heart * diseases of the vascular system * malignant neoplasm * accidents * pneumonia * tuberculosis, all forms * ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality * chronic lower respiratory diseases * diabetes mellitus * certain conditions originating in the perinatal period.

According to the FAO 2001-2003 Statistics (Number of Undernourished People[million]), out of 24 Countries, Philippines is the 8th containing 15.2 malnourished people.In the Department of Health's Health Staistics Website the Top Ten Causes of Mortality in the Philippines are 1.) Heart Diseases,2.) Vascular System Disease, 3.) Cancer, 4.) Accidents, 5.) Pneumonia, 6.) Tuberculosis, 7.) Sign, Symptoms, Abnormal Clinical Laboratory Findings, NEC, 8.) Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases, 9.) Diabetes and 10.) Perinatal Conditions: Infant mortality rate in the Philippines is higher compared to its southeast Asian neighbors. Currently, the infant mortality rate is 22.12 deaths per 1,000 live births. Identified causes include sepsis, prematurity, jaundice, entangled umbilical cord leading to asphyxia, diarrhea, and congenital malformations. Improved prenatal care can possibly decrease the mortality rates even more. and hypertensive heart diseases as the major types involved. Another study blames cigarette smoking, the easy accessibility of cigarettes even to adolescents, and the usual suspects of increasing fat intake, increasing diabetes cases, and high cholesterol levels as predisposing factors. In my own understaning, I've figured-out that Malnutrition and Malnourishment in the main causes of infant and maternal Mortality.

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The ten main causes of death in the Philippines are: heart disease, vascular disease, malignant neoplasm, pneumonia, accidents, tuberculosis, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, and perinatal problems.

What is a ten month year old infant? Do you mean a ten month old, or a year old infant? For a ten month old it would be between 20 and 22.5 pounds.

what are the ten leading causes of mortality in the Philippines as of 2009? 1. Heart Diseases 2.Vascular System Diseases 3. Cancer (lung cancer, breast cancer, cancer of the cervix) 4.Road Accidents 5.Pneumonia 6.Tuberculosis 7.Dengue Fever 8. Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases 9. Diabetes Mellitus 10.Perinatal Conditions

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Age-adjusted death rates by marital status show that in 1997 those who had never married had the highest mortality, followed by those who were widowed or divorced. Those who were married at the time of death had the lowest mortality. infant death after birth. races. sex. and more.

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The ten leading causes of maternal mortality include complications in the pregnancy, during labor, and delivery. Other causes include, hypertension that leads to toxemia, postpartum hemorrhage, miscarriage, postpartum depression, and infection.

The ten leading causes of infant deaths in the Philippines in 2003 were: * pneumonia * bacterial sepsis of new born * congenital malformations of the heart * diarrhea and gastroenteritis of presumed infectious origin * congenital pneumonia * other congenital malformations * respiratory distress of newborn * neonatal aspiration syndrome * disorders related to short gestation and low birth weight not elsewhere classified * other perinatal conditions.

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According to Wikipilipinas, the top 10 leading causes of morbidity and mortality in 2010 were: Heart disease Stroke Cancer Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases Road accidents and injuries Diabetes Dengue fever Maternal deaths Kidney failure Perinatal conditions


Some of the top ten agricultural products in the Philippines are corn, coconut, rice, and sugarcane. Other products in the top ten are pineapple, cassava, and banana.

MORTALITY: TEN LEADING (10) LEADING CAUSESNumber and rate/100,000 Population Philippines5-Year Average (2000-2004) & 2005 Cause 5 Year Average (2000-2004) 2005* Number Rate No. Rate 1. Diseases of the Heart 66,412 83.3 77,060 90.4 2. Diseases of the Vascular system 50,886 63.9 54,372 63.8 3. Malignant Neoplasm 38,578 48.4 41,697 48.9 4. Pneumonia 32,989 41.4 36,510 42.8 5. Accidents 33,455 42.0 33,327 39.1 6. Tuberculosis, all forms 27,211 34.2 26,588 31.2 7. Chronic lower respiratory diseases 18,015 22.6 20,951 24.6 8.Diabetes Mellitus 13,584 17.0 18,441 21.6 9. Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period 14,477 18.2 12,368 14.5 10. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis 9.166 11.5 11,056 3.6Note: Excludes ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality(R00-R99) n=23,235* reference year** External Causes of MortalityLast Update: June 29, 2009

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