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Puerto Rico

What are the top ten most important people of Puerto Rico?

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What are the most important holidays in Puerto Rico?

the most important holidays in puerto rico are...................................... =P

What are the most important natural resources of Puerto Rico?

the most important natural resource in Puerto Rico is Elkhorn coral

Where do most people get married?

In Puerto Rico

What are the Most important mountain in puerto rico?

el yunque

What animal is the most important in Puerto Rico?

While it has no economic or environmental significance the Coqui is of cultural and symbolic value to Puerto Rico.

What do most people do for a living in puerto rico?


What is the main religion if Puerto Rico?

Most people in Puerto Rico are Christian. 75% of PR total population is Roman Catholic.

What are the ethnic groups of Puerto Rico?

most of Puerto Rico are christian

What cities are the most violent in the world?

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

What are the most important products that Puerto Rico exports to other countries?


What are the most important celebration in Puerto Rico?

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What are some Puerto Rican holidays?

there are many puerto rican holidays but the most important holidays are three kings day,the day people discovered puerto rico,and importants peoples birthdays.

What is the sport most played in Puerto Rico?

Basketball.Baseball is Puerto Rico most popular sport

What is the most expensive hotel in Puerto Rico?

The most expensive hotel in Puerto Rico is in San Juan.

What is the religious background of the people in Puerto Rico?

Most are Roman Catholic.

Does Puerto Rico get hurricanes?

Yes, Puerto Rico gets hurricanes. Most of the ones that hit Florida hit Puerto Rico first.

Who were the most influential people in Puerto Rico in the year 1493?

In the year 1943 Puerto Rico was discovered. In other words, the only influential man in Puerto Rico that we know of is Christopher Columbus, that is if we exclude the natives for which we have no record.

Is English widely spoken in Puerto Rico?

English is spoken, but only by a small number of people. Spanish is the official and most spoken language of Puerto Rico.

What kind of food do most Puerto Ricans eat?

people in puerto rico mostly eat rice and beans

Why did people settle in Puerto Rico?

To begin a new life as in most settlements.

What dish is most popular in Puerto Rico?

Asopao is the most popular food in Puerto Rico. Asopao is chicken with rice.

What did christopher cloumbus do to be most known for?

he did discover Puerto Rico that's why hes so important

Does Puerto Rico have main a county?

No. Puerto Rico is not divided into counties. It is divided into municipalities. Of the 78 municipalities, San Juan (the capital of the island) is the most populous and politically the most important. Arecibo is the largest municipality in area.

What was the most important thing in World War 1 for Puerto Rico?

It was the first time that Puerto Ricans had been drafted into the US Military.

Why people like the beaches in puerto rico?

most gilfs in the world. nuff said.

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