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What are the top ten ways that Earth could be destroyed?


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Ways that Earth Can be Destroyed?

There are several ways in which the Earth might be "destroyed", such as

  • every single nuclear bomb available to man going off simultaneously
  • the Earth moving even more off its axis
  • collision with an asteroid or comet
  • depletion of the ozone layer

However, none of these would result in the destruction of the planet, or even guarantee the extinction of life here. That would require either the slow expansion of the Sun, a nova explosion of the Sun, or the effect of another star or black hole. The first possibility, a normal part of stellar evolution, will likely occur over the next 5 billion years, effectively ending the current solar system. Long after the Sun has depleted its hydrogen and helium, it could still interact with other stars, if and when the Milky Way collides with another galaxy.

Nothing lasts forever, but large bodies like the Earth last a very long time. It has existed, as far as science can determine, for some 4.5 billion years. That's 4 thousand and 500 million years.

The planet Earth has suffered some mighty "whacks" from outer space. The extinction of the dinosaurs is thought to have been caused, at least in part, by an asteroid impact. But the Earth itself survived. Other events, known as mass extinctions, wiped out up to 99% of life on our planet. Yet some creatures survived, and life flourished again.

Our best science to date, including detailed surveys of asteroids with orbits that bring them close to Earth, indicate there is nothing to worry about in the foreseeable future.

The most credible threat to life on Earth right now is the activity of humans. This may be a scary thought, but it is something we can control. We humans may decide to start taking better care of our planet. We may decide to stop spending our energies on war.

If we make the right decisions, then it is likely the Earth will not get destroyed.


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