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Wars of US French and Indian War (7 Years War) American Revolution War of 1812 Indian Wars (1817-1898) Mexican War Civil War Spanish-American War World War I (The Great War) World War II Korean War Vietnam War Grenada Invasion 1983 Persian Gulf (Desert Storm) Current War with Iraq - Iraqui Freedom We have engaged in several undeclared war, such as the undeclared Naval War with France, under Adams, and the War with the Barbary Pirates under Jefferson.

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Q: What are the twelve wars the United States was involved in?
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The US has been involved in three world wars?

No, the United States has not been in three world wars.

Are there any wars that the us is currently involved in?

Yes. The United States is currently involved in occupying Afghanistan.

How many wars has the United States of America been involved in to date?


Why didn't the united states participate in the league of nations?

The United States did not participate in the League of Nations because it was not willing to get involved in Europe's wars.

What wars were Italy involved in?

Throughout history Italy has been involved in 23 wars and 2 conflicts that were never declared wars. World War II was the only war that Italy was involved in which they did not stand with the United States.

Which statement best describes a similarity between a democracy and a republic?

the answer is .C your welcome

In World War I why the U.S not get involved?

In World War 1, The United States did not get involved at first because none of the issues concerned the United States. Besides, The United States had a long history of not getting involved in wars that did not specifically involve the United States. European nations had been fighting for centuries. Let them continue to fight. Also, each European Nation had a specific reason for fighting. The United States had no reason to get involved.

How was the Korean and Vietnam wars similar?

Both were proxy wars that involved the United States, the Soviet Union, and China

Does appeasement affect the United States decisions to become involved in other countries wars today?


How many Wars have the United States been involved in since the beginning of time?

they hold the record, especially for wars they had no business being in. I think its 42million ...

What war has the highest American casualities of all wars the united states was ever involved in?

The American Civil War

What was the purpose of the neutrality acts?

The purpose of the Neutrality Acts was to prevent the United States from being involved in a foreign wars

What wars were fought in the United States during the 1900?

No wars were fought IN the United States during the 1900's

What four wars did the US fight?

WW1, WW2, Korea, Viet Nam, Grenada, Desert Storm etc. The United States has fought in numerous wars and police actions during its 236+ Year History. The four wars above are only a sampling of those wars in which the United States was involved.

Did the north fight in wars?

If you mean the northern states, they fought in the Civil War. Other than that one time, the US has always been united. Any wars which involved the north, involved the entire US. The US has, of course, fought in two world wars and many other wars.

Is interventionist a word?

Yes, it refered to the people who wanted the United States to get involved in the world wars, as opposed to the isolationists who wanted to stay out of the war.

What were the differences between the Korean war and the American Civil War?

Just about everything. Different age- Different Countries- Different technology- Different causes entirely. About the only thing that the two wars have incommon was that the United States was involved- even that is argueble as the Civil war was a war between the United States in the North and the states that had succeeded in the south- thus a different 'united states' was involved in Korea.

Who won the Barbary Wars?

United States

Who do you celebrate and honor on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is to honor all military personnel who died during all wars in which the United States was involved.

What American policy was meant to keep European countries from getting involved in north in south America?

The Monroe Doctrine : President James Monroe made a statement on foreign policy that came to be known as the Monroe Doctrine which announced that North and South America were closed to colonization, that the United States would not become involved in European wars or colonial wars in the Americas, and, most importantly, that any intervention by a European power in the independent states of the Western Hemisphere would be viewed by the United States as an unfriendly act against the United States .

Did Thomas Jefferson have something to do with Monroe Doctrine?

Yes. The president asked his advice and Jefferson told him that the United States should not get involved with European wars or affairs.

How many wars has the US been in?

There has been fourty-eight wars in the United States.

What position did the US take during the Indochina Wars?

The United States of America took the position of opposing the Communists in the Indochina wars. The United States contributed advisors and troops.

Where did the Barbary Wars take place?

The Barbary Wars were fought between the United States and the Barbary states. The wars were primarily ocean based wars fought near the Barbary coast.

What country has been involved in the most wars since 1800?

United state