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a force is a push or pull and pressure is a a push

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Q: What are the two differences between force and pressure?
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What happens when the differences in air pressure between two masses increase?

When two masses that have a difference in air pressure meets they will create a storm front. When the differences in air pressure between the two masses increase the severity of the storm created will intensify.

What were the two factors that caused differences in wind speed?

There are two factors that cause differences in wind speed. They are differences in pressure and differences in altitude.

What two factors does pressure depend on?

The two factors pressure depends on is force and area.

How do you make a working model on force and pressure?

In order to make a working model on force and pressure, the relationship between these two things must be determined. This can be inferred from physics formulas.

What is the difference in pressure between two different locations called?

If you mean locations as in physical location on the earth... Then, differences in pressure between locations can be attributed to their altitudes (or heights) from sea level.

If two air masses with large differences in air pressure are near one another what weather condition will most likely exist between the two air masses?

two air masses with large differences in the air pressure are near one another. what weather conditions will most likely exist between the two air masses

What is the differences between an object with no force and an object with zero net force acting on them?

There is nothing different about the two. They both have Notype of differences what so ever. So your question has been answered. Now, will you please, **** off

What are the similarities and differences between coulomb's force and gravitational force?

similarities between these 2 force are thatboth of these forces are directly proportional to the product of masses and inversely proportional to the square of distance between the two massesand the differences are that coulombsforce could be repulsive or attractive but gravitational force is only attartive one and gravitational constant is smaller than electric constant

What are the key differences between Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims?

It is better to find out similarities between the two, in stead of finding out differences. People belonging to these two have differences among themselves on the differences between the two.

How would you distinguish force and pressure?

One way to distinguish between the two is that force is a vector quantity that has both magnitude and direction. Pressure is omni-directional and acts on all directions equally.

How does pressure move in two dimensions?

In 2D, pressure moves in the direction of the force. If the force is an upwards force, it creates an upwards pressure. Your weight is a downwards force and it applies a pressure down onto the floor.

A number of differences between two regions can result in?

A number of differences between two regions can result in sectionalism.

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