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What are the two pronunciations of tomato?


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I think you're referring to: toe-may-toe/ toe-mah-toe :).

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Tomato with a soft "a" and tomayto with a hard or long "a".

There are two kinds: green tomato called "tomate verde" and red tomato called "jitomate".

Two acids present in tomato are citric acid and malic acid.

My dictionary provides two pronunciations for the word harass: * huh-ras * har-uh s

It can. The common pronunciation is (puh-TAY-toh) but it can also be pronounced with a short A as (puh-TAH-toh). The word tomato has similar ay/ah variant pronunciations.

There are two ways to tell if a tomato is rotten. It will be soft to the touch and you will see juice oozing out of it.

If we put tomato paste in mixer,its result would be puree.Therefore there is no difference between two. One can easily substitute each other.

no, they are two different things. Tomato sauce is usually cooked tomato pulp and simmered several hours until thickened. Tomato juice is squeezed from raw tomatoes then cooked for a short time, comparatively, incorporating more of the tomato, often adding spices, or other vegetables.

Tomato fondue could be two things: a tomato-flavored hot broth in which you dip pieces of raw meat or vegetables (until cooked) OR a cheese and tomato fondue in which you dip pieces of bread or other dippers.

I think it is tomato not tomato !!!

In a minute, the minute army would be overthrown.

There seems to be two main pronunciations: 1. Gawtama 2. Gotama

There is no pumpkin in gold tomato sauce. There is no such thing as mixing the two. This is unless the can or jar specifies it.

Anyone asking THAT question may have an issue with food. Depends on the size of the tomato and the thickness of the slices; but anywhere between 7 to 20 calories approx. But anyone concerned about the calorie content of two slices of tomato needs to ask why????

There is no such thing as Muslim pronunciations as the language of Islam is Arabic. You can find Arabic pronunciations on YouTube or apps such as "Quran reader".

Is tomato puree the same as tomato past.

The pronunciations is (teksts), where there are two trailing sibilants (st) and (s). The singular is similarly (tekst).

There are two accepted pronunciations for the word broccoli. The first /ˈbrɒkəli/ has three syllables. The second, /ˈbrɒkli/ has two.

Is tomato or tomato juice good for your prostrate

My grandad grows tomatoes in the greenhouse.We are having tomatoes on toast for tea.

No. Tomato paste is naturally thicker than tomato sauce. Tomato paste can be turned into tomato sauce by adding water, but the reverse is untrue.

The difference is that tomato juice is just the juice and not all of the pulp. The tomato soup is the whole tomato.

To be specific the tomato pulp cell is the seeds and everything else inside the tomato and the tomato skin cell is the skin outside of the tomato.

Tomato puree is just tomato, but tomato sauce is usually cooked and/or has other ingredients added to it.

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