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What are the types of communication Media?

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AnswerWire, fiber-optic, or wireless (IR or RF).

-DJ Craig

AnswerMedia used for communications:
  • recorded media (books, newspapers, CD ROMS, memory sticks, etc) physically delivered from transmitter to receiver and decoded visually, mechanically, magnetically or electronically;
  • air and other fluids (sound or pressure waves, light, IR, RF, often modulated)
  • solids (mechanical motion or vibration, electrical signals, magnetic tapes and disks, visible light in glass)
  • vacuum (RF, visible light)
Answer">Answer">Answer">Answercommunication media (transmission media)are of two types:-

guided and unguided

guided communication media includes :-Twisted pair ,fiber optic ,coaxial cabel

unguided media includes: antenna ,Broad cast radio


Communication media (also called transmission media or communication channels) may be wired or wireless.

Wired media include copper cables (e.g., twisted-pair copper wire cable - the "telephone cable", coaxial cable, UTP cable - the "LAN cable", etc.) and optical fiber cables (made of glass or plastic). Copper cables allow the propagation of electric signals (i.e., electric voltage or current pulses), whereas optical fiber cables allow the propagation of light pulses.

Wireless media include the free space, the ionsphere, etc. Wireless media allow the propagation of electromagnetic waves. The transmission/reception of electromagnetic waves requires the use of some wireless link(also called radio link, due to the fact that radio broadcast was one the first commercial wireless communication system in use), such as terrestrial microwave links, satellite links, etc.

Other types of channels include storage media (e.g., hard disks, cd, dvd, etc.) and underwater acoustic channels(which allow the propagation of sound waves).

Communication channels vary in capacity (i.e., the amount of information per time unit that can be carried in a reliable fashion), attenuation (i.e., reducing of transmitted signal's strength; attenuation increases with the channel length), distortion (i.e., alternation of signal's variation pattern, where is impressed the information), noise (i.e., random unwanted signals that corrupt the signal shape), etc.


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Discuss the types of communication media?

There are many types of communication media. The earliest forms of communication media are print and radio. Other examples of communication media include television and computers.

Different types of physical communication media?

Physical and Mechanical media are the different types of communication media. Physical Media is broken down into large meetings, weekly department meetings, up close and personal, and viral communication.

Describe the types of communication media?


What do you mean by communication media?

The meaning of communication media is data or information that is sent using some source of media. These media types are often radio broadcasts, televisions airwaves, internet or telephones.

What are the two major types of communication?

the two major types of communication are traditional and modern communication the traditional communication was mainly used in the olden days . while modern is the kind we use today

What are the different types of traditional media of communication?

Verbal and writ ting

What are the various type of channe lin communication?

The various types of communication channels include face-face communication, electronic media, broadcast media, brochures, telephone conversations, and many others.

What are the types of public communication?

There are two major types of public communication. These include any form of public speaking, and mass media, such as television, radio, and the Internet.

What are two types OS electronic communication media?

if you know the answer plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! physical and air are the two mediums of electronics and communication

Medium of communication?

The medium of communication is divided into types, physical and mechanical media. Physical media is defined as the channel where the audience could see and hear the speaker, while mechanical media are the channels that are written or from the electronics such as emails, magazines and newspapers.

What are types of electronic communication media?

Coaxial cable, twisted pair cable and satellite links

What are some types of radiated media?

Radio Transmission, Infra Red, Microwaves, Communication satellites, Bluetooth, WiFi are examples of Radiated Media.

What are the different types of group communication?

Cliques,Posses,Krews,Media,Internet,Cults, Business Corps

What are the types of communication in mass communication?

The types of communication in mass communication are: Television, Newspaper, Radio and anything that goes out in a large quanity, such as magazines and internet. mass communication means addressing to a mass of people. In the above mentioned examples newspaper and magazines comes under print media and television comes under visual communication...

What are the communication medias?

example of communication media

A sentence with media in it?

a media is a mass communication

What is wireless communication media?

Wireless communication is a type of communication in which uses infrared and radio frequencies to transfer data to several devices. Wireless communication media is media that facilitates the passing of the data, such as a LAN.

Example of communication media?

Examples of communication media include television and radio, the Internet and print media. A communication medium is any channel through which a sender can transmit a message to the recipient.

What is communication media?

communication media are the physical components through which the communication devices transmit data. e.g. cables, telephone lines, terminals.

Mediums of communication?

Mediums of communication have several types. These can be verbal, written and non-verbal. Some examples of mediums use of communication are emails, SMS, social media, personal letters, television, radio and newspapers.

What is difference between Communications protocol and type?

Communication protocols are the rules than govern use of different types of media.

What are the types of communication methods?

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How many types of media?

8 types of media.

Types of advertising media?

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What is foreign communication as a career?

Foreign communication is communication with alien country in alien language as a foreign language although the career option could be in mass media in the print media, audio /visual media,IT sector and engineering in communication technology.

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