What are the types of protocols?

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routing protocol:

helps to find the best path to transfer the packets from one network to diffrent network


rip: routing information protocol

igrp, ospf......

routed protocol:

helps to carry the packets to the destination.


smtp : transfer the mails

ftp : transfer the files.

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Q: What are the types of protocols?
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What are the types of networking protocols?

look up the tcp/ip set of protocols

List out the 10 types of protocols?


How many types of protocols?

protocols is a way of communication so two types of protocol first is routing protocol and second is nonrouting protocol.

Different types of protocols in PLC?

Some different types of protocols in PLC are Tuning the Work Upward, Assessing the System, and Seeing the Student Anew. There are a variety of other types .

What different type of protocols used in data communication?

There are 5 types pf protocols used in the computer network.

Could you describe different types of medical office systems and protocols?

types of medical office

What are 2 types of Mac Protocols?

There are two types of MAC protocol. 1. Centralized 2. Distributed

What are the two types of Authentication Protocols?

one way authentication and mutual authentication

What two types of IP addresses are used on the Internet?

The two Internet Protocols are:IPv4IPv6

What are the different types of protocols?

protocols are the systems which help us to connect to various networks. without protocols we are unable to to access networks. they vary from type to type . Examples are HTTP, FTP ect. search the web for more examples

Types of routing protocols?

There are two types fo routing protocols one is EGP(Exterior gateway protolcol) and another is BGP( Border gateway protocol), BGP includes RIP,IGRP,EIGRP and OSPF. Pankaj Barthwal

What types of protocols allows routers to exchange information?

there TCP and IP protocol is used for communication

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