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What are the uses of English language?

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English is the most spoken language in the world and used for communication.

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Uses of English language in Nigeria?

Your question is not clear - English is the official language in Nigeria

What is the uses of English language?

One use of the English language is, Communication from one person to another.

What are the uses of English language in nigeria?


What are the uses of language in accounting?

english OR spanish .

Who uses English as a second language?

60 percent of the world's population uses English as a second language or third language. Part of that percentage can also include people who use it primarily but it is not their native language.

What is the American official language?

the American culture predominately uses the English language.

What is the longest word in English language with all the letters?

There is no word in the English language which uses all the letters of the alphabet.

What are the three uses of English language in nigeria?

check your answer

What Word have all English letters?

There is no word in the English language that uses all the letters.

What is the most used alphabet in the English language?

The English language only uses one alphabet: the Latin alphabet of 26 letters.

What countries use British English as opposed to American English?

Each country that uses English uses its own version. Australians use Australian English, South Africans use South African, in India they use Indian English. There is no strict distinction between British English and American English. In fact the language of Edinburgh is different from the language of Cardiff, and the language of Boston different from the language of Las Vegas.

What did Shakespeare mean by the word 'then'?

Shakespeare wrote in English, the same language I am using now. There is no such language as "Shakespearean language" or "Shakespeare language". It's English. A word like "then" is a building block of the English language and always means "then" when Shakespeare or any other English speaker uses it.

What is the difference between hieroglyphics and English?

Hieroglyphics is a written language that uses characters/pictures. English uses letters and the letters create the Alphabet.

Which largest population that uses English as a second language?

Middle eastern

Which sentence from The Lottery uses descriptive language to create mood?


How do you say so shakespearean language?

There is no such language as "Shakespearean Language". Shakespeare wrote in English. If you check, you will find that he uses such common English words as "so" as often as anyone else who speaks English, and with the same meaning.

Is English a perfect language?

No, no language is perfect. English grammar is full of 'rules' with exceptions, almost random seeming sometimes. English also uses a lot of stranger idioms.

Why is it important to use English language?

It is important to use the English language because a majority of the globe uses English to do business and communicate with each other. In most countries if you do not know the native language, it is expected that you at least know English to communicate with them.

How do you spell Anna in Spain letters?

The Spanish language uses the same Latin (or Roman) alphabet that the English language uses. So, Anna would be Anna.

What are three other activities that uses anothers language?

what are other kind of activities that use term from a language that is not english

Which island country of the greater antilles uses English as the official language?


Can you come up with a sentnce that uses every letter in the English language?

Yes! Can you

What is a sentence that uses every letter in the English language?

its called a pangram.

Are there any other languages that have idioms equivalent to English idioms?

Almost every language uses idioms for expressing things in the same manner as the English language.

What is the difference of teacher in English and teacher in Filipino?

Well A Filipino teacher uses Filipino language while English teacher use English language Easy as that well ti is just the language which differs but the lessons are just the same