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What are the uses of Speech application language tags?

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use of speech application language tags are

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What is a markup language?

A markup language is which uses markup tags. It works on tags which should be opened and closed.

What are the applications of HTML language?

HTML is a user friendly application which can be used to make web designs. It uses tags which are defined to do a specific task.

Why HTML is known as markup language because it uses marking tags like?

HTML is called markup language because it uses Markup Tags. Some examples of tags are <p>, <head>, <body> etc.

What is one way that Henry's speech uses figurative language?

. What is one way that Henry's speech uses figurative language?-

What are the common HTML tags?

HTML is a common language for constructing apps on web. It uses tags like head, div, span etc.

It is used to create images that can be displayed on the computer?

No, its a markup language that uses markup tags to describe webpages.

Is a way of describing that uses figures of speech and imagination?

figurative language

What is the system your language uses to create sentences from the parts of speech called?


What is the system your language uses to create sentences from the parts of speech is called?


What markup language uses tags to describe structure and content?

The body element indicates structure and content.

Who uses the manual alphabet?

The deaf, hearing/speech impaired, and sign language interpreters.

In a figure of speech an author?

uses imaginative and creative language to produce the desired effect.

Which figure of speech uses words differently from the way they are used in odinary language?


What is HTLM?

HTML (hypertext markup language) A markup language used for hypertext documents on the world wide web. This language uses tags to format the document, create hyperlinks, and mark locations for graphics.

What HTML language would you use for links Opening and Closing?

HTML is itself a language on it's own, so uses no other. Opening and closing of tags is a part of HTML.

What is the difference between HTTP and XML?

XML, or eXtisable Markup Language, is a very broad way of storing data with a markup language. It uses tags that the user defines, like <first-name>Joe</first-name>. HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, uses XML with already specified tags (html, head, p, h1, etc.) to store the layout or structure of a web page.

What does HTML use tags for?

HTML cannot work without it's tags. It uses tags for it's scripting work.

What is HTML text?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, HTML is not a programming language, it is a markup languageA markup language is a set of markup tags, HTML uses markup tags to describe web pages. So basically you can use it to make links on websites and even use it to make a website from scratch.

What language did Pope Francis speak in his speech?

Pope Francis is fluent in a number of languages and he uses the most appropriate language to address a particular audience. You need to specify a particular day and particular speech.

Did cro magnon use speech?

If you count "Ug" as speech and sophisticated language then yes. They had about the same brain capacity as an American teenager who uses facebook.

What are and used for in HTML?

HTML uses tags for its complete functionality. These tags are defined to do a certain work.

Where does the linguistic level of the speech chain take place?

it takes place through the speaker who uses language.

What is the difference between Parts of speech and Figures of speech?

The parts of speech are the nuts and bolts of language. You can talk about the functions of the parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions) without any regard to the meanings of the words themselves. Figures of speech are creative uses of language in order to convey certain moods or meanings.

What is PLSQL?

The Oracle Corporation's application development language is PL/SQL. It is a superset of SQL that uses standard programming-language to supplement the SQL. PL/SQL stands for Procedural Language/Structured Query Language.

What is a kind of rhythmic compressed language that uses figurs of speech and imagery designed to appeal to emotion and imagination?