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What are the uses of computers in various fields of science and technology in India?


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AnswerIt is applied in following fields.
Earth science

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Yes. the word technology , is related to science.

Science has more to do with research, like research and development of future products or applications in medical or other fields. Technology is the proven practical application of science in manufacturing of usable products (cars, computers, etc).

Comp sci basically deals with most of the fields associated to cricket. It is a classical approach to Computer learning. Whereas, Information technology focuses more on technology rather than 100% computers and it also deals with the modern aspects of it, unlike comp sci.

The role of information technology in various fields is to create easier tools that will simplify complex tasks. It also helps in easier dissemination of information.

Type your answer here... The fields of technology and science contribute to each other.

Science and technology has greatly advanced the medical fields. For example, medical aids allow a patient to continue treatment at home. X Rays can be taken and then emailed using technology to a doctor in another country to assess.

today the days of science and technology. so it is not doubt that Internet is the way through which we can solve our problems of different fields. it is need for the fields like --- business and commerce, education and research, for communicated with fiends who are far from us. Besides it is the tool for entertainment.

Chemistry is present in all the fields of science, technology and daily life.

To increase a child's interest in the fields of science and technology, one could buy the child a science kit, such as make a volcano kit. Alternatively, take the child to a nearby science museum.

Because Information Technology jobs deal with using computers, employers look for college graduates with degrees in related fields. Besides a degree in Information Technology, some institutions such as The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, offer programs like Computer Information Science and Computer Science & Engineering.

Springer-Verlag is a publishing company that publishes various literary works of nonfiction in the fields of science, technology, and business. Many of the works that this business publishes are available as e-books.

Scientifically speaking, metrology is the science of measurement. Unlike other scientific fields, metrology covers all levels of uncertainty in any field of science and technology.

This website has various professionals in various fields. It basically handles all the core subjects.

An applied science is a job that uses knowledge from one or more natural scientific fields to solve practical problems. Engineering, micro technology, ceramic engineering, and zoography are all examples of an applied science.

Ming Dynasty made significant great contributions in the fields of technology, culture and science.

statistics is used in the various fields. for example: banking business physical sciences natural sciences marketing research computer science economics physics and many more

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is federal agency that supports various fields of study in science and engineering. They also support novel ideas and projects.

Computers are used in all kinds of fields. Most of the fields that I know are in the Military: Air Traffic Controling Criminal Justice Avation Submarines Battleships Aircraft Carriers Their are other diffrent fields where computer are used. To see the types of fields that are in the military, Naval mostly, go to on google. Good luck Hope that answered your question

The two major fields of science are Social Science and Natural Science.

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