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1st answer this what do i want? # rooms, baths, levels and such 2nd what do you have for property ie. size? 3rd how much money do you have and want to spend? try a preliminary hand and take it to a local builder of custom homes and start there. Good luck

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Q: What are the various stages of the architectural project planning process?
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Give an outline of the various plans that are prepared during the project planning process?

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What are the various stages of the project planning process in construction when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor?

Reconnasissance, preparation, training, execution.

Various objectives of capital budgeting in project planning?

Objectives of capital budgeting project report

Why is planning is an intellectual process?

Because in planning various alternatives are evaluated and the most suitable is selected which again requires higher level of intellegence.So,its is right to call planning an intellectual process.

Planning versus forecasting?

Planning and forecasting are two principles that have to work together. During planning of financial projects forecasting will be used to estimate various aspects of the project and so on.

What information is required before one could start planning a project?

Before one could start planning for a Project they should have an approved project charter that outlines the high-level objectives that the Project is supposed to accomplish along with any constraints like high-level budget, deadlines etc. Without this information - nobody can plan for a project successfully. Planning involves planning for various activities that might happen in the project and each of those activities would require a specific set of inputs.

Various steps to be taken in Planning?

Various steps to be taken in Planning.?

What is peoples participation?

the process of involving people of various backgrounds int he planning, construction and maintainance of various works is called peoples participation.

Explain the various stages of the project planning process in construction?

first stage could be: Briefing, size of building, where the building will go, finance, planning permission and building regulations.the briefing involves{the overview-type,location,purpose,etc. ,money available, and time}

Where can one find project management software for Mac?

One can find project management software for Macs on various websites. Some of those are Process, Phoenix, Project X, sailplane, xTime Project, active.AGENCY, dotproject and FastTrack Schedule.

What are the three factors that affect the planning process?

> global influences > competitors in similar market > changing patterns in consumers Planning is the process of defining tasks, order in which these should be done and timing at which these should be done to accomplish a goal. There could be various reasons that can affect the planning process, and these many vary by industry & sector associated with the project for which planning is being done. But to list few general ones: - ~ Lack of Documentation ~ Lack of Research ~ Lack of Involvement of key player who will be driving in the show

What is the various activities involved in software project management its explain?

various activities involved in project management

I am young 21 year old but I want to start planning early for my retirement. What are the best financial instutions that offer retirement planning services.?

Any major bank will offer various retirement planning services. You can go to any major bank and be able to start the retirement planning process.

How can I make a title of my science investigatory project?

There various ideas that you can use to make a title of your science investigatory project. You can come up with a title based on the content, the process or the end result expected.

What are the various objectives of a project?

In brief, project management objectives are the successful development of the project's procedures of initiation, planning, execution, regulation and closure as well as the guidance of the project team's operations towards achieving all the agreed upon goals within the set scope, time, quality and budget standards.

What are the various steps of selection process?

What are the various steps of selection process?

Various stages in an outsourcing projects?

what are the various stages in an outsourcing project?

What actors and actresses appeared in Project Mayhem - 2012?

The cast of Project Mayhem - 2012 includes: Omar Brooks as Various Aneasa Clark as Various Bill Fargo as Various Kent Hess as Various Matthew Reynard as Various Carl Reynard as Various Jason Swinchock as Various Matt Veltri as Various

What are the various steps involved in project selection?

The various steps are:- Creating a Project Charter- Conduct a Business Impact Assessment- Use the Project Evaluation Scorecard to see the project's value to the organization.

What is the role of contingency planning in the strategic management process?

Contingency places a very important part. It's important to keep the various contingents informed of all plans.

Explain why process of project planning is iterative and why a plan must be continually reviewed during a software project?

In software systems development, iterative project planning adds agility to the development process by allowing the developers as well as the users to learn from, and build upon former software development projects. In particular, iterative development reduces development risks such as poorly defined user requirements; untenable architectures as well as untenable user interfaces. Iteration is defined as the process of repeating something as often as is necessary until a specific result is achieved. This certainly holds true when defining the exact user requirements of a computerized system before the design and development stages begin. It is often stated that if you can find an error or an oversight during the requirements definition stage, you can fix it with an eraser and a pencil. Finding the same mistake once the system has become operational, can be costly in several ways. A project plan is analogous to a road map that not only shows you how to get from point A to point B; but also lists various milestones along the way. A project plan is similar to a road map with the exception that it also includes the "what" and the "when" with respect to certain project resource requirements as well as their critical paths. A project plan must be continuously monitored to as to determine, at any point in time during the project, if the planned progress of the project corresponds with the actual progress of the project. A discrepancy can be the result of poor planning and/or the introduction of one or more factors during the project that were unforeseen during the project planning phase. If such a discrepancy exists, it must be intercepted at the earliest point in time possible so that immediate corrective actions can be taken, thus minimizing the possibility that the project will not be completed on time and/or within the allocated budget.

What is the significance of the SDLC?

The SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) is the entire process of building, deploying, using, and updating an information system. It consists of the following five phases: # Project Planning Phase # Analysis Phase # Design Phase # Implementation Phase # Support Phase The SDLC is the process that is followed in the design and improvements of various systems in both information technology and in non-technical environments.

What are project management processes?

Developing a project needs five processes that should be performed to make any project a success. Theses processes or phases include:InitiationPlanningExecutionMonitoringClosingInitiation phase is to create a document highlighting the need for this project, the returns on the investment made on the project as well as its viability.In the planning phase green signal is given to the project planning and the team led by the project manager gets down to the nitty-gritty of each and every aspect of the project such as schedules, tasks, assignments, roles, etc. This leads to the allocation of resources (human, material, and finances).In the execution phase, the implementation is started by assigning tasks to various members and team, overseeing their work, and hauling up the laggards is undertaken.In monitoring phase monitoring and measuring of the project, deadlines, resources, issues, etc takes place. Issues and problems can arise. Managing these challenges and changes smoothly is integral to the proper execution of any project.In the closing phase, all the deliverables associated with the project are keyed in. All loose ends tied up and successful closure of the project based on its outcomes achieved.These are the phases of the Project Management Life Cycle. If you want to manage your projects more efficiently and smoothly then you should go for a project management app.

Where can one learn architectural graphics?

One can learn architectural graphics by taking classes about this subject or purchasing books about this subject. One can purchase these books from various websites like Amazon or eBay.

List various process of Accounting information system?

list of various process of accounting information system

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