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On the French emblem, there are no words at all, except for RF, standing for République française. On the French logo, however, there are words and they say "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" meaning "liberty, equality, fraternity."
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What is the emblem of England?

The Coat of Arms (three lions), the Tudor rose and the flag (St. George's cross) are sometimes used as emblems.

What is the emblem of Wales?

it's hard to say because the sign on the flag is a dragon, but onst.davids day the people of wales wear leeks and daffodils. leeksfor males, daffodils for females. i would say a daffodil !

What is England's emblem?

There are Three, 1, Three lions which dates from the time of Richard I, 2, The Tudor Rose, 3, The Flag of St George. See the link below for pictures of these.. We have several. The lion is the main one, but the rose is also used. And of course our flag is the red cross of St George on a ( Full Answer )

What is the emblem of Ireland?

Although many people think it is the shamrock, the Harp is actually the official emblem of Ireland, while the shamrock is our national plant. The Harp appears on coins and official government documents.

What is the word 'French' in French?

Français means "French." It can refer to the French language or French ancestry. To make it feminine add an "e" on the end (Française).

What is the English emblem?

The "emblem" of England is the Rose and the Thistle. Theories abound as to the origin of this ubiquitous symbol of English glory. Most commonly attributed to the Crusades and the War of the Roses. More romantic historians have mythologized it a symbol of King Arthur and the mystical "Camelot".. The ( Full Answer )

What is the emblem of Zeus?

Zeus has three emblems and they are the eagle, the woodpecker, and the thunder bolt

What is the Welsh emblem?

Welsh emblem is a dragon. The daffodil is the national flower of Wales, where it is traditional to wear a daffodil or a leek on Saint David's Day (March 1).

What is the French word for the French flag?

le drapeau français or l'étendard (battle flag) Answer: The national flag of France a tricolour featuring three vertical bands coloured blue (hoist side), white, and red, is known in French as: . le drapeau . le drapeau français . le drapeau bleu-blanc-rouge . le drapeau tric ( Full Answer )

What do you do with magma emblem?

i don't know but i remember that you can access the Magma Cave/Hideout in order to battle Maxie / or even not. I think after you defeat Maxie, it is closed. But i Already Finished Pokemon Emerald..

French word for French?

Français /fran-SAY/ for masculine, Française /fran-SEZ/ for feminine. Note that the c should have a tail at the bottom, to denote the /s/ sound. It's SEZ, just pronounce it out like speaking English. And the English word SAYS shall never be written as SEZ in any way, shape or form.

What is a national emblem?

It is something that you look at and instantly know which countryit depicts. e.g. The Maple Leaf.......Canada The Red Rose............England The Leek..................Wales etc..

What is Athena's emblem?

I believe her emblem is an owl that protects her from her mighty enemy Marthinmyla

What is the Irish Emblem?

On euro coins from Ireland there is a harp at the back of it but mostly it's the seamrock that is the Irish emblem.

Why is the word French in French fry?

Wiktionary provides the following definition: french: (transitive verb) To prepare food by cutting it into strips . This term is rarely used in modern cooking. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- they we're invented by Belgians who spoke Fren ( Full Answer )

French word for can you speak French?

There is no one word...this is a phrase. The phrase in French is Peux-tu parler français? (with a cedille under the c). Literally means, "Are you able to speak French?" You could also say parles-tu français ? which is easier to say. Peux-tu parler francais? translates to Can you spe ( Full Answer )

What are the emblems of Queensland?

All of Queensland's emblems are: Animal (Faunal): Koala Bird (Avian): Brolga Aquatic: Barrier Reef Anemone Fish Floral: Cooktown Orchid Gemstone: Sapphire Colour: Maroon

What is the French word for French stick?

une baguette. for the bread baguette is also a small stick or chinese eating sticks use google or wiki for that kind of question, it ll be quicker

What are emblem Heartless?

Emblem Heartless are not a new form of Heartless. They are creatures that bear the insignia of the Hearless. Unlike the Shadows, these Heartless extinguish hearts when defeated, whereas creatures such as Shadows or Neoshasows are Pure Heartless and do not realease a heart.

How do you say French words in French?

'French words' is 'mots français', or because they use articles more than we do, 'les mots français'. Depends on context.

What is an emblem of abundance?

Often, especially near Thanksgiving, a horn of plenty or cornucopia is used as an emblem of abundance.

What was Artemis' emblem?

In ancient art Artemis was usually depicted as a girl dressed in a short knee-length chiton and equipped with a hunting bow and quiver of arrows.

How do you get nuke emblem?

in mw2 you need to get 10 nukes to get the emblem, i have got 13 nukes camping on ground war, demolition or domination with a noob tube (grenade launcher) with one man army pro, danger close pro and commando pro. the killstreaks should be harriers, chopper gunner and nuke. it does get hard once you ( Full Answer )

What is Hades emblem?

There are many to chose from, his possessions ranged from the immortal horses of his golden chariot which he used to kidnap Persephone, the Helm of Darkness which was a helmet that made the wearer invisible, the staff of a three-forked scepter which opened the way into the realm of the dead, the Pal ( Full Answer )

How do you get the emp emblem?

You get the emp emblem by using a total of 10 EMPs. if you want more help with other emblems then go to the link in the related links and sources.

What is Tasmania's emblem?

Tasmania does not have an official faunal emblem, but its unofficial animal emblem is the Tasmanian Devil. The floral emblem is the Tasmanian Blue Gum.

What is the emblem in Denmark?

I don't really know what you mean about emblem, but Denmarks flag is read with a white cross, and it is also the oldest flag in the world. On Denmarks 10 kr. and 20 kr. coins, they have their queen on them, but Denmark couldn't care less about it. Denmark doesn't have any kind of symbol, like C ( Full Answer )

How do you get the fire emblem?

Answer 1 The only fire emblem game I have played is FE the sacred stones, but the fire emblem in that is the stone of Grado. Answer 2 I played FE Shadow Dragon and in it you automatically receive the fire emblem as a gift from the kingdom of Altea in one of the early chapters after you save the ( Full Answer )

In fire emblem how do you get the emblem blade?

If you are referring to Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword, you can get it from a bonus disk that used to come with Mario Kart: Double Dash. You can also get it by game shark codes or hacking.

What is the emblem of the plantagenets?

Richard of York was the first to assume the name "Plantagenet," andhis emblem was a broom. The shield of the Plantagenets is red andbears three lions.

What rhymes with emblem?

There are several words rhyming with emblem, like 'problem'. Then, there are literally hundreds that rhyme with the word but that do not share the same final characters, like 'anthem', 'gem', etc.

What are the three words on the FBLA -PBL emblem?

REAL MADRID SQUAD LIST: Goalkeepers: Casillas, Adan, Dudek. Defenders: Arbeloa, Pepe, Albiol, Garay, Mateos, Marcelo. Midfielders: Lass, Diarra, Khedira, Granero, Xabi Alonso, Ozil, Di Maria, Pedro Leon. Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Morata.

What are the FFA emblems?

There is only one FFA emblem which consists of : the cross section of the ear of corn, the rising sun, the plow, the eagle, the owl, and the words agricultural education and FFA.

What is the French word 'all' in French?

Ok, the real answer for this question is, why the heck would you be wanting to ask this question? Just google it! That is all....

What was Hermes emblem?

Herme's emblem was the pelled olive stick and the crane because Hermes wrote the alphabet and the first letter he wrote was the V in which cranes fly in a V shape

What is the definition of 'emblem'?

An emblem is defined as - a heraldic device or symbolic object as a distinctive badge of a nation, organization, or family

What is the dove an emblem of?

In late biblical times, the dove was a symbol of Lady Wisdom, thought to be the Jewish goddess of wisdom (see, for example, the Book of Proverbs), and a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Answer The dove is used universally as a symbol of peace. In Genesis, a dove returned with an olive leaf to the a ( Full Answer )

What is the emblem of Namibia?

The coat of Arms of Namibia consists of a badge in which the national flag is portrayed. The badge stands in sand in which a Welwitschia mirabillis (National plant of Namibia) grows. Underneath are words inscribed: Unity; Liberty; Justice. On either side of the shield are 2 Oryx antelope, and on top ( Full Answer )

What is VEnice's emblem?

The emblem of Venice is the Winged Lion carrying or holding a representation of Mark's Gospel which is symbolic of Saint Mark the Evangelist.

What is the French word 'am' in French?

According to the Google Translator, the French word for the English word "am" is "suis". But if your English sentence starts with "I am" you say it in French as " Je suis". Note If you are really asking what is the French word 'am' in French ... then obviously it must be 'am'. .. ( Full Answer )

What is Israel's emblem?

The emblem of the State of Israel is a menorah surrounded by anolive branch. The menorah symbolizes the Jewish people's historicalconnection to the land and the olive branch symbolizes Israel'sdesire for peace. The Star of David is on the Israeli flag, but it is not the emblemof the State of Israel ( Full Answer )

What is Fiji's emblem?

Fiji's emblem is made up of two warriors holding traditional clubs,guarding with one hand, and the other hand touching to protect theSt George cross. Above the flag is a Fijian ship. The warrior andthe flag are both on top of the words: Rerevaka na Kalou ka doka naTui which means Fear God and honor ( Full Answer )

How do you make an emblem?

You have to go to Muliplayer and go to playercard and then press EDIT player card and do what ever you want

What is the synonym for emblem?

symbol, representation, token, image, figure, mark, sign; crest, badge, device, insignia, stamp, seal, shield; logo, trademark, brand.

What is the definition of the word emblem?

A heraldic device or symbolic object as a distinctive badge of a nation, organization, or family. . A thing serving as a symbolic representation of a particular quality or concept. .