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Q: What are the world's five largest blue water navies?
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The worlds largest animal?

Worlds largest animal: Blue Whale

Is the whale shark the largest animal ever?

no infact the worlds largest animal is the blue whale

Who is the worlds larges animal?

The blue whale qualifies as the world's largest animal.

How big is the worlds largest blue berry?

it weighed 8.0 grams

What is the worlds largest wild animal?

The largest land based wild animal is the elephant, but the largest animal currently on earth is the Blue Whale.

Largest water mammal is what?

The largest water mammal is Blue Killer Whale.Additional answerActually, the blue whale and the killer whale are two different animals, with the blue whale being much the bigger.

What is the world's largest salt water fish?

The World's largest Salt Water fish is the Blue Whale.

What is is the worlds largest animal?

The worlds largest mammal would definitely be the "Blue Whale." So far, the blue whale is the largest spanning around 100 feet and weighing at around 180 tons, but there are still a few acceptions. Fossil findes of large sauropods are said to measure around 140 feet and weigh at around 200-220 tons. But that's only in theory.

What is the largest under water animal in the world?

blue whale

What is the largest vertebrates?

The blue whale in water, and elephants on land.

Which is the biggest sea water animal?

it is a whale shark a whale shark has spots on its back and can only eat plankton . it has 1,000 teeth and is not a whale it is a shark but it looks like a whale so it is called a whale shark.

What is the strongest animal in the water?

The blue whale is the largest and strongest animal in the water.