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red, orange, yellow

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Q: What are three examples of warm colors?
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What are examples of warm colors?

Warm colors include red, orange, and yellow

What are three warm colors?

Red, orange, and yellow are considered warm colors.

Examples of warm colors?

Red, Orange, and Yellow

Examples of warm and cool colors?

Warm colors can be remembered as being close to the sun. Red, orange, and yellow are warm colors. In contrast, cool colors are those close to the sea; green, blue, and purple are cool colors. Brown, black, and white are neither "warm" nor "cool."

What are warm colors?

warm colors are red, orange, and yellow

What are the cool colors and the warm colors?

Cool colors are like Blue and Grey. Warm colors are like Red and Yellow. Just think "Cool colors= Winer colors" and "Warm colors= Summer colors" Hope this helps.

What are cool colors warm colors and neutral colors?

Cool colors are greens, blues, and purples. Warm colors are red, oranges, and yellows. Neutral colors are anything made by mixing opposite warm and cooll colors.

What are warm colors compared to cool colors?

warm colors might be a red. and cool colors would be a light blue.

What are the warm colors?

The warm colors are any type of YELLOW,RED,or ORANGE

Do warm colors carry more visual weight then cool colors?


When warm colors are placed next to cool colors what happens?

When warm colors are placed next to cool colors, the warm colors seem to move toward the viewer and the cool colors seem to move away from the viewer. This means that placing warm and cool colors next to each other creates a sense of depth.

What are the warm colors of art?

warm colors are yellow red and orange the remind you of sulight

Are warm colors associated with water?

No, warm colors are associated with fire, such as the color red.

Which term refers to colors containing more yellow?

Warm Colors

Is warm or cool colors heavier?

Warm colors like to float through the air and cold colors kiss the ground

What are the groups of colors?

warm and cool colors

What colors are warm and cold?

Cold colors are typically blue based colors, grey, blue, greens. Warm colors are reds, yellows, oranges.

What colors are warm energetic colors?

look at the warm half of the colour wheel (see link).

Which colors are considered warm colors and Why are they considered warm?

Warm colors are those suggestive of fire, heat, or naturally warm objects. They include yellows and reds, along with combinations in orange, brown, and yellowish greens.

What colors are cool and what colors are warm?

Cool colors would include: green, blue, and violet. Warm colors would include red, orange, and yellow.

Which colors are warm colors?

red, yellow, orange

Examples of cool colors?

blue, green and violet are examples of cool colors.

What colors on the color wheel are called warm colors?

Yellow and orange are the main warm colors. Any color between yellow and red is warm. These are colors that you can imagine in a cozy fireplace or would use to color a picture of the sun.

What can be said in general about warm colors?

that they are wonderful colors and the most brightest colors!!!!

What are cold colors and what are warm colors pzzeee?

Cold colors are your greens and blues, like a cool breeze by a grassy lakeside. warm colors are your reds and yellows, (like fire)