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The conservation of mass
The conservation of energy
And the entropy of the universe must increase

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What are three examples chemical changes?

Three examples of chemical changes are oxidation, toxicity, corrosivity.

Types of chemical changes?

The three main types of chemical changes are inorganic, organic and biochemical changes. Chemical changes occur when a substance combines with another to form a new substance.

Three physical changes and three chemicl changes?

Three clues of chemical change : a gas , light, solid, color. JoJo

Three chemical changes?

rusting vinegar bakingsoda

Need three examples of a chemical change and three physical change?

Physical changes: melting, sublimation, boiling Chemical changes: thermal decomposition, synthesis, oxydation

What are three changes that are chemical changes?

fire, baking soda and vinegar, and frankium in water

What are three more chemical changes?

your mom, your dad, and your grandma.

What are three chemical changes?

Boiling water ice into water

What are three examples of chemical change?

Burning, rusting, and production of gas are examples of chemical changes.

What are the three stresses that upset the equilibrium of a chemical system?

Changes in the concentration of reactants or products, changes in temperature, and changes in pressure.

What are three clues that a chemical change has occured?

Three clues that a chemical change has occurred:Color changesa precipitate formsa gas forms

What are three types of chemical waste?

There are three main types of chemical waste. These include general chemical waste, highly reactive chemical waste, as well as chemically contaminated solid waste.

What are three differences between physical and chemical changes?

A physical change can be reversed while in chemical,it cannot be reversed

What are three things that are often indications of chemical changes?

Chemical changes can be identified by 1. Color change 2. Fizzing 3. Temperature changes 4. Odor changes 5. Change in the state of matter (solid, liquid, gas)

What is the chemical formula for a monosaccharide that has three carbons?

General triose Formula C3H603

What are some chemical changes when cooking?

Some chemical changes when you are cooking are:burning the foodOVERcooking itUNDERcooking itsorry for only three examples. those are the ones that i can only think of so far.

What are the three main factors that govern aquatic ecosystems?

The three main factors that govern aquatic ecosystems is light, nutrient availability, and oxygen.

Describe the changes that take place when a match burns Are these changes physical or chemical changes?

physical, there is nothing going on but friction, which causes heat, which causes fire.All three are physical.

What are three examples of changes that are chemical changes?

iron rusting (change in colour) a tablet or pill disolving (Dissolution is NOT a chemical change!) electrolysis of water (evolution of gas) burning paper (evolution of light/heat)

What are three things that can change sedimentary rocks?

Pressure, heat, & erosion. There are chemical, physical, and biological changes.

What are three chemical changes that do not require living organisms?

=>Rusting of iron =>Melting of sugar =>Burning of paper

What are three Chemical Reactions or Physical changes that happen in the process of making S'mores?

three physical changes of making a s'more would be breaking the chocolate, breaking the crackers, and chewing the s'more when it's in your mouth.

What are the different changes that matter undergoes?

Physical changeschemical changesYou must understand that matter can be in any one of three PHYSICAL states, liquid, solid or vapor ( a gas ).Changing physical states is not a chemical change, but a direct result of heat or cold application.

What are three chemical properties of matter?

Three chemical properties of matter include burning, rusting, and photosynthesis. Phases of matter include liquid, gas, and solid. Phase changes include melting, boiling, and condensing.

Describe three changes in appearance which show that a chemical reaction is taking place?

The colour, the temperature and formation of gas